Monday, January 19, 2009

Off on an Adventure

So I'm leaving in a few hours to the airport. And I'm racking my brain to remember any last minute items I will need. Like camera/ license/money (that's always good). I have never so much in all my life wanted to grow another 2 arms.

I'm trying to mentally figure out how I will care everything and making sure my most precious carry -on is safe (Caden ;). My mom (who has made the trip more then a few times in the past 7 years) asked if I knew I have to physically go and pick up my checked baggage from Southwest and then take carry on, baby, checked- luggage, to the international terminal at LAX. No I did not know I had to pick up my check-luggage. Thus the desire for more arms. Thank you I found out before I was air born.

I'm really going to miss Morgan and really really going to miss Andy for the next 10 days. Bit of a whirl of excitement this morning. Although it was great to say goodbye to all the family plus, Nick.

107 degree temperature.....ooh I come.

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scoey-d said...

Enjoy! It'll be fun. And, don't forget - you have to live it to blog it!