Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Wandering thoughts

Not much excitement the last few weeks, but that is what life is mostly about, right? Baby girl got to celebrate her 2nd halloween this year and she had way to much fun getting in the way of the older boys who were playing basketball/hockey at the harvest party and wandering to and fro..

My husband is watching texas chain saw massacre as I type and I have been advised not to watch...I think that's a good idea

I saw a white Durango on the way to the grocery store w/ the license plate-Shadowfax, thought that was clever

The computers went out for 2 hours today at work and it was the only time that I have played card games on the computer with the big wigs of our department walking up and down the aisle behind me and I didn't have to minimize the window...yah!

Other then that, day to day is good...and by the way doesn't that chainsaw EVER run out of gas?

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

plugging along

The last few days, I've really had to struggle to keep a good attitude at work and at home. The reason? Can't think of one in particular, just feeling out of sorts. Little things getting under my skin and at the same time wishing I didn't have to contemplate those little things so deeply, BUT moving forward....oh side note, this is my director's new phrase everything is 'moving forward'...lots of computer problems that are frustrating but ''moving forward.' We know that will increase your work load by having do these things but 'moving forward.' Yesterday I just
wanted to say 'you know what, I want to sit here in the mud thank you!'

On a joyful note, I'm having fun teaching my daughter how to shriek like a true girl when she is being chased down the hall. My husband can now enjoy the screams of 2 girls. The three of us make this face to each other when we're idea where my daughter picked this up but it sure is good for laughs.

Friday, October 19, 2007

dropping like flies

I blogged awhile back about how things where changing at my job due to a new director of our department. Since then one can feel the change of atmosphere in the office. Nurses are talking about how they feel like they are just doing mindless tasks and they don't have time to actually educate the patients but are doing paperwork instead. I'm biting my tongue and trying not to spread my distaste for the change as well. It's taking a toll on the number of nurses we have. In 2 weeks 4 nurses have quit. My boss called me today at home to ask if I can come in (WARNING: who ever is thinking about entering the healthcare system this is a normal thing to get calls if you can come in on your day off) It has happened a few times since I've worked at this current job which is a whole bunch less then when I worked in the hospital...Anyway she said they are short several nurses today because of sickness and plus one nurse who called in sick said " you know what forget it, I quit"...ooch,

I guess it's normal for people to revolt, quit, or complain when change happens. I don't think quiting will change anything and if I'm going to quit (which I'm NOT planning on doing this moment) I think it should be because I feel it personally and not because it's a popular thing to do.

I really feel for my supervisor who has to hand down the messages from the director about all the changes. I tell myself that she really has a harder job then me who just calls patients about seemingly mindless tasks. People really are like herd animals sometimes. My husband and I agreed that
even with the changes this job is waayyyy better then my previous jobs I've had before. So it's scary for me to say, but I'm sticking it out.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Robbed-not us

My husband came home from lunch today and found out our neighbors directly across from us
had their house broken into that morning and a few things stolen. My initial reaction was to think 'what things could be stolen from our house?' I can't think what they would take, don't have a flat screen-(finally there is a positive about not having one :) and anything else taken in the house could easily be replaced at Ross, sad but true, another positive reason to shop there. I began thinking why them? they are always home and I mean 99% of the time because their retired.

I wonder what motivates a bugler, especially in this case. I began thinking what if their house was scouted out by someone or was it just on the fly bugler. The only difference in our houses from the outside is that my husband has a dog warning sign on the fence and for the first time ever I'm glad our dog has a scary bark and that her bite is definitely worse then her bark-watch out!
Sorry Grandma Cindy

Monday, October 8, 2007

Back Home

The last 5 days have been a whirl of excitement and extreme tiredness. I headed off to up -state New York with my daughter and my folks to go see the relatives and some friends. It went well even though after a trip like this you come home from your vacation feeling like you need another one, but alone with just your husband and daugther on a deserted island!

My favorite part was seeing the fall colors back east though. That part was very relaxing. Just to give you an idea of the brillance of them the picture above is of my Great Uncle's house. I love Nevada..... no I like Nevada but love the people in Nevada, don't care much for the card board boxes for hills some times especially compared to this.