Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Rules are changing again

Sooo, my supervisor stopped by my desk last week and told me she needed to see me. Immediately I started to have butterflies cause I thought this couldn't be good......and I was right!
I love my position at my job, it's per-dium, I love the people I work with, I love my supervisor, unfortunately though my department has had 4 different directors in the course of 2 years. Each one lasts about 6 months and they are either really good directors and therefore get transferred to another department of the company or they are not so good and then the nurses get a new one and the cycle continues

Anyways, it seems the new director we have, she's been there 2 months, as my supervisor put it "has cracked the whip!" therefore the certain amount of freedom per-dium staff have is slowly but surely being limited. I figure I have 3 options here...

Option 1- buck the system, revolt, continue to come in when I please and how long I please. Stick it to the man!- this was my husband's idea :) which I briefly entertained for about 5 seconds

Option 2- Wait this director out, cause based on previous timelines, the nursing deparment should be getting a new director in about 4 months give or take
a few weeks

Option 3- change my attitude and humble myself. ......sigh I know I'll go with this one but still
....sign change is hard

Monday, September 24, 2007

This is my blog!

Well this is me with part of my family, my husband is manning the camera. Junebug is such a joy in our family. I'm having to have
more and more patience each day though as she
gets more mobile. This is my
1st and most important job being a mom and a team with my husband. I enjoy my 2nd job as a RN just working part time.