Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bible stories

Every Sunday, my daughter comes back with her sunday school lesson and tells me what she learned...it's absolutley hilarious what stands out to kids and I can barely keep a straight face as she so intently tells me what the story is...

Here's Noah and the big boat

Morgan : "mommy, here's noah and he made a BIG boat and he had a reallllly long beard!!!! Much longer then Daddy's beard!! I SAW IT!!!!

Me: "you saw it!!!"

Morgan: Yes!!! and it was SOOO Long and white!!!

Jacob and Esau

Morgan: there were 2 brothers, Esau had a REALLY red face and the other had a white face and REALLY HAIRY arms!!

Me: Really? are you sure Esau didn't have hair arms?

Morgan: NO, just a REALLY red face. and Jacob liked to stay home with his mommy and Esau went out and did trips!

Me: oh wow! did he hunt animals like deer?

Morgan: yah!!

Me: do you think he killed bambi's mom (I couldn't resist:)

Morgan: oh no he didn't kill her

So precious. and a big shout out to the preschool team that teaches my daughter these precious lesson :)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

random thoughts

I'm being encouraged in the small things these days which is good. A quiet afternoon with both kids either playing peacefully together or sleeping :)

I'm enjoying feeling baby J move inside of me and knowing that after each week brings us closer to getting to know baby J.

I'm enjoying the cooler evenings and the vines on our fence that are already changing colors into red and orange

I'm enjoying God's peace and grace in our lives and how he gives us strength to walk through what seems like a never ending valley

I'm enjoying soft blankets to snuggle up in bed with and a drink when my cat is NOT trying to hump the said blanket

I'm enjoying watching my kids get bigger and Caden speaking in his own language and expressing himself and having to show me everything he has a word for. Example...mama mama...dadda's truck...mama mama....another dada's truck....mama mama....yessssss.....dadda's truck....:)

I'm choosing to enjoy this time in life

Monday, August 23, 2010

Don't bug me

So summer is coming to a close and I'm feeling as my daughter says "bigger and bigger" :)

I also feel the hormones kicking in. Main reason, everyone BUGS me...Everyone, the mail man, the clerk at the store, my kids and for no particular reason. I asked Andy if he thought it was because I was pregnant and before I finished the sentence he said "yes!!"...lucky for him, he's not bugging me ;)

Excited to go for our ultrasound tomorrow, and I'm determined to NOT find out the sex of the baby. I will close my eyes if need to

I'm kinda've felt dry this summer, desert dry, as far as life being stagnant. Same routine, same thing and it's left me feeling frustrated. Well, I kept asking the Lord about it and something jumped out at me while I was in the car listening to the kids bible tapes. Basically it sings specific bible verses. The one that stood out to me was from 1 Peter "exceeding great and precious promises are given unto us" and I cried out " I want to know these promises!! as they apply to me!

so guess I gotta read the bible ;)....In our daily reading plan we were reading out of Jeremiah 31:17 "So there is a hope for your future"

I'll take it!! as one of the precious promises to me

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

new season

I'm really enjoying this cooler weather. It reminds me that change is in the air. Maybe not just because it's August and a new school year will start and that it will begin to get cold in a month or soo...ok I said it. I feel there is change for the Jones family. Specifically, ( I love when people are specific ;), regarding Andy's job. It will be interesting. We will see.

I almost have a 2 year old. Caden turns 2 on August 18th. I love seeing his personality grow and him express himself more. He's soo different then Morgan in some areas. He is quite a teaser and for this reason I have ventured to guess that boys don't need to be taught to be teasers. Maybe naughty teasers but, just overall trying to get a reaction, they don't need to get taught that.

This pregnancy is going by quickly, but I have enjoying it for the most part. That's easier to say as I'm past the puking stage. Entering now the heartburn stage....oh my

Been finding myself giving to more tendency to worry and become distracted and finding peace in the Bible and thinking about the good things Jesus as for us and actively practicing being grateful. A friend told me, that sometimes she starts to verbally thank Jesus for everything around her when she get's down. For example: thank you Jesus for the sun, thank you Jesus for my car, thank you Jesus that I have food in my fridge. you get the point. I've started to do this when my-self can't see anything to be grateful for.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Looking outside myself

I'm sure it's common knowledge now that I'm pregnant with our 3rd baby. The baby is due end of December/early January. So balancing life has gotten more interesting with being more tired in the morning and morning sickness..

Any huu. I participate in the meals for mommy that our church does for moms that just got home from the hospital or people who could just use a meal due to some form of hardship. The team organized meals for a family just recently that was a co-worker of one of the mom's on the meal team. The family had never come to Hillside but the husband had cancer in the brain that had been taken care of a year ago or so and now it had re-appeared. The husband had to undergo major brain surgery which was the reason our group was delivering meals.

I signed up for a meal and didn't look closely at their home address until of course 10 minutes before I needed to deliver the meal. I was happily surprised to see that this family lived just 1 street down from me. I could easily walk to their house to deliver it. I delivered the meal, or left it on their front door as no one was home. A thought came to me, that I have no clue as to what people live through or are experiencing even people next door to me. Here is a family just down the street that are experiencing alot to say the least and by looking outside of myself for at least 1 hour, I could help complete strangers around me and show them love.

It just really touched me and made me realize how much I need to ask God to help open my eyes to others around me and not be consumed with me and what's happening with me and how me feels and what me is doing today and me is doing tomorrow....too much me

I guess I have a new understanding of the verse "I must decrease so he can increase

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Oh the humanity!

Well, it's been a rather unusual fun and sometimes deep breath moments these last few days.

We went camping with Andy's parents this past weekend. They like ultra secret camp sites that are not developed (they have motor homes ;) and then tradition has it that a hike is always taken the following day. This time for camping, we went up Monitor's pass off of highway 89. It's passed Markleville. I'll give away the location but for a price...a small one anyways ;)

They were nice to let us use there quaint little trailer and they have a bigger one that they slept in with Morgan. She was excited to spend the night in their big baby house (baby houses are what she calls motor homes :). We were in the small baby house.

First night was great, camp fire, marshmellows, not to many bugs, gave the kids their tradition milk before bed time. and Caden went to sleep between Andy and I in the small baby house. At 2 am in the morning, he starts coughing, but I can't see him in the darkness and assume everything is ok. Then I hear this gagging sound, and press the nightlight above me that goes on for 3 seconds which is just long enough for me to see him making the lurking motion with his mouth open. AWAKE to say the least. Push him forward to the end of the bed where the kitchen sink is and some of last night dinner comes out. Andy and I are well awake after that and so when 3 am rolls around and he does the same thing, we both leap out of bed and head him towards the sink. No more episodes after that, although with any irregular breathing or sound from him, we're ready to leap to positions. The little monkey then wakes up at 5 am (cause that's when the sun comes up when your camping :) and we order him to go to sleep :)....and he sleeps till 7......1st night

2nd day goes great. Both kids are acting completely normal.We go for a hike and have wonderful quite time reading in the afternoon while the kids sleep and Andy and I go check out the Carson River that is very very full and rushing like people have never seen it, thanks to all the rain this year :).....Getting ready for bed, give the kids their milk and a little while later, Caden is terribly fussy, Andy, me and him are in the trailer again, although not all laying down, and he looses everything he had during the day on the bed that we are sleeping on! I scream (cause that's what girls are suppose to do during moments like these) and Andy is telling me "get him out get him out" (cause guys jump into action). I put him on the ground of the trailer just long enough for Andy to say "no,.... put him outside!!" too late, he looses another round of all that he has ingested on the floor of the trailer.

I just have to say that these moments will later be and kinda've are now, what makes life interesting and having young kids fun and there is never a dull moment.

So I put him outside in time for nothing else to come out. :)....So change over the blankets again and fitted sheets.. and my ever prepared mother in law loans us more blankets. thank goodness. Positive note, is that this all happened before we fell asleep so nothing was left in the poor little guys stomach and we all slept well and even in till 8am!!!

Overall, great camping trip...just some minor hiccups to say the least. Enjoy the pictures above :)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

It's finally hot!!

Well today was 88 and so we all played hooky from church and went to the water park to use our passes. It was a very close tie between eating pancakes with friends or going to the water park. It's hard, as in this season of life, with our 2 very mobile and active kids, to finish a conversation with people without having to continually track your kids...no don't get up on the stage....no don't go out the emergency exit!!....no don't go out into the parking lot!...get my drift...

So water park won.

Morgan is at a great age, she's more comfortable with the water and can do the toddle/preschool slides on by her self, while her tired mommy who is busy making yet another baby :) sits in the shade...yes no tanning for this white girl!! and watches Morgan go up then slide down.

Caden is a bit more work, but usually hangs around our spot. So the water park went well and Andy and I agreed to leave at the same time in advance which means we took only 1 car not 2 to accomodate me who likes to leave rather early and an Andy who likes to stay rather late :)

I'm feeling the need for a Tahoe day soon, but we'll have to wait for some really really hot weather before visiting the jewel.

By the way, this picture is at the Sacramento zoo about 3 weeks ago :)