Saturday, January 3, 2009


Some things my kids do that crack me up:

Morgan gets her dessert cupcake and responds....'nice'...and then sits down with glee to eat it

The new year is looking good...minus a coffee appointment I totally blanked on :( but I'm determined that it will not set the precedent!

I'm already for spring now that Christmas is over. I really miss the Christmas lights on the houses, there fun to look at and add some sparkle to a dreary evening

Morgan and Caden are interacting more and it's funny to see how Morgan bosses him around i.e. tries to take his toys and shows him what he is "allowed" to play with.

She also is getting use to telling mommy where she wants me to sit and what she wants me to do. Most of the time, I don't have any energy to disagree or fight with her so I just do it...pathetic. . And my husband responds "say no stand up for yourself!!" A lesson I need to learn by now

Sledding with Morgan was really fun. Watching her and Caden explore life is a joy to watch

Visiting the train museum in Sacramento.

Morgan has quickly learned the word mine and is shouting it whenever Caden looks at her toys! The need to share begins...


scoey-d said...

Possibly the most basic of human interactions...

Jeni said...

Cupcake. MMM... Morgan is wise.

Erica said...

Scoey-d: probably fruitless to try to change that drive maybe I should try re-directing

Jeni- very wise