Saturday, October 31, 2009

random thoughts

Went christmas shopping last night with Andy. Enjoyed having an empty store with the shelves fully stocked and no lines for checkout. Made me excited for the upcoming holiday but also in not a hurry to get there

I'm really enjoying our kids age at this period of time. Morgan says the funniest things

example 1

I got a book that had pictures of the week when God created the earth and I was explaining to Morgan what it was. She looked at me and said as clear as day " and you got that at the library??"....

Caden is totally obsessed with the computer and the keyboard, that's all he wants to do that and the remote control to the tv. He truely is his father's son :`````````````````)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

another fall is passing

Man....the holidays are just going to keep getting better and better as the kids get older. they both get so much into it as they get older!

Meeting with the Real Estate agent this Saturday. That's exciting!

Fires in the evenings are THEE best thing.

Since the puking episode that my kids had, I have washed everything in their down to scrubbing their beds with bleach. So my spring cleaning is actually done in the fall and only because they got sick...oh well :)

Finally Caden is old enough where he will watch tv for about 30 min. Thus giving his parents time to sleep in! I've waited for this since he was first born and it's here and it's wonderful! Here's to Nick Jr. having great cartoons on at such an early hour.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

the aftermath of the Lion's Den

So made it out alive ;)... and the lady was very helpful at the bank. Although there were abbreviations and some words used that left me puzzled even after I asked her to explain what they mean. I DID however understand one of the options she presented to us so that somehow we could get the $$$ for the addition. This understanding was in part to me watching the money channel, I was very pleased with that. :)

As a result, we declined all of the options she was able to give us and I'm grateful that we know were we stand. We are NOT adding on as it would require an insane amount of work and unwise combination of some accounts. So that is a huge relief.

On a fun note, I was able to watch Andy's favorite sci-fi show with him without hiding under a blanket or covering my eyes in fear. I must be getting thicker skin in a good way!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Heading into the Lion's Den

So tomorrow we go talk to the mean old bad bank about seeing how much money we can borrow or our options as far as a new construction loan to adding on.

Warning....this will be a very blunt post

I think it's humorous when you talk to bank people when you are either opening an account or wanting to borrow money...all of a sudden it's brown nosing city.

Last time we were in a bank (who shall remain nameless), the lady who was helping us was interrupted by a co-worker to ask who to send this person who was looking to open up a checking account, she quickly told the man that he would have to wait as she was taking care of important business and these fine people!! I could see the money signs in her eyes, or maybe that was just my imagination

Ask these people if you can set up a new loan and they are all "what ever we can do", tell them you would rather pick the options that don't have the loads of fees attached and it's a frown and displeased response.

Perhaps the bank people really do want to help us get the best deal, (and this is where Christians can be refreshingly different) but I think most of them are thinking about how it can best benefit themselves and pocket book.

I find it hard to believe that rules/regulations can stop that way of thinking...

Saturday, October 17, 2009

camping pictures

I have ment to talk about the fall camping trip we did so here it is

We went camping up on Ebbetts pass (past markleville on 88) to celebrate Andy's mom's turning 60. Andy's brother and his wife, Melissa, and their new baby Cavery was there as well.

Andy and I had my parent's trailer so we each had our 'motorhome' which was needed cause it was so cold out at night.

Night one, Andy turned on the heat as the thermometer was falling and just the fan was blowing cold air..hmmmm that's not right. Andy couldn't figure it out so we just piled on the blankets on all of us and hoped for the best. Both kids were wearing beannies and were so snug they didn't wake up once and actually slept in till 7:30! Andy and I on the other hand were a little chilly but ok. At around 3 am, Andy had an idea to turn off the refrigerator and then try the heater. Heater worked!! Who knows where he got that idea, but it was great

We went for a hike the next day it was beautiful. We all got some great pictures and Morgan almsot walked the entire hike by herself. Caden voted for riding in the packback.

I have to say, my highlight of the entire weekend was the 2nd night, Andy and I decided to have a date night. HOw does one do this in the wilderness. Well we sat in the back of our pickup truck and stared up at the stars that were just incrediblely bright and it was breathtaking. God
s natures really does put on the best shows. It was very memorable. I don't think I'll forget what the sky looked like. There were soo many stars.

Good times

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

mid-week post

getting use to it becoming dark early. Not to bad if you have an interesting book, crackling fire, and a glass of one's choice drink!

I've been thinking of what kind of next vehicle I will get. I think in a couple of years, the rav 4 will go bye bye and I will get a car. While in LA, we rented a Nissan Altima and I was very impressed with how much space in the back seat it had plus it got great MPG.

After 6 years of having to make a wood fire, I got the art down. Although I don't think that I could start it without my little fire starter but I'm not planning on getting lost in the wilderness anytime soon.

It's a real bummer when retailers put out christmas stuff about now. I'm purposely avoiding those aisles until it turns november at least

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thursday's Thoughts

We're going camping this weekend, in a motor home as the weather is a bit cold at night for tent and camping with kids. Should be fun. My mother in law is turning 60 so this is the big par-ta done camping style for her.

Question, what is it with parties and people turning 60?

Camping is ok, but camping is the fall I especially like because the fall colors are amazing! and that is great.

I like the cooler evenings and mornings with warm afternoons. One word- layers-.....

The Office as started up again, and am I the only one thrilled to see Pam and Jim tie the knot!

When I am processing things, I sweep or vacuum. This week I'm pondering acceptance vs agreement. Let's just say my floors are spotless this week!!!

I'm enjoying my tap dancing class so much. I have more respect for people who tap dance and make it look easy. Cause it's not.....

We have one of those frog humidifiers and I told Morgan it's for her when she is sick. So now any ailment from hunger to stubbed toe to being sad Morgan says "I'm sick....I need the frog!!" Man, if only life was that simple!.....I need the frog!!!

I have missed an entire decade of great movies growing up. Movies made in the 80s. When ever my husband references one, I have a blank look. So now, I am embarking on a long list of watching them with Andy. This weekend! The Breakfast Club.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


It's amazing how nothing big will change for along time and then all of a sudden it seems that a whole bunch of changes come. Makes me realize I need to relish the quite times and know that it's not forever.

Good changes, like the weather I love..Other changes are like a sore muscle. It's always there and you can ignore it when you're preoccupied but then when you relax for a second, you notice it again.

While in the nursery this Sunday, there was music singing and the lyrics made an impact on me

He (God) will not let your foot stumble, he who watches will not slumber. The Lord is near unto those that call upon, those who call upon him in truth.

This is comforting

Thursday, October 1, 2009


I think caring about people the closest to you can be the hardest. I love being a nurse and caring for others who are sick comes easily. I remember one time I was really frustrated with a difficult patient, just real done with them and a fellow nurse reminded me that I get to go home at night and they didn't. It made me see things different. But with people in your extended family, that's harder to just leave it at work or the family closet with all the skeletons ?....just saying.

Once you put some distance between you and them so you can get a handle on becoming too involved, then it seems like you don't have a relationship with them at all. So here's to trying to care without getting too involved. If that is even possible.