Friday, September 26, 2008


Morgan ducked under the keep out tape.. This is what happens when you don't watch your kids!
This is Morgan practicing her "oooh NOOOO" at the air show with Dad

Enjoy the pictures.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


I haven been contemplating alot about friends. What makes some people be friends and other people not? Chemistry, personalities, trials. I was thinking about a friend I have had since I was 17. To be honest, sometimes I'm amazed we are still friends cause we don't agree on some major issues and we could easily argue about them, but we don't bring the topics up. And it works and we are great friends.

I do remember specific points in our friendship where I had to be very honest with her and her with me and we had alot of conflict. I was thinking how I could have or she could have easily just put our friendship aside but we didn't, we persevered and today we are still friends. We still don't agree on some major issues but I account what we had to work through as some areas in my life where I have learned discretion as to when and where and how the truth is spoken.

It made me think, I wonder if I fought for all friendships like I had with the above one if I would have any of those relationship where I was a good friend but now we barely talk. Or if some friendships don't work out just cause. I'm very grateful for the friends I have had, have and the friends that are in the future

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Life's Knocks

It is amazing to watch Sweet Pea experience life moments for the first time but as we know life does have it's knocks which is hard for me to accept that at some point Morgan will discover not all friends are friends and she will be left out and have her feelings hurt. Well at library time this week she experienced her first realization that the knocks of life hurt. Basically she collided with another toddler and landed on the floor and then her toy was taken away from her by the same kid (who thought he was helping return the toy to the teacher). Sad thing was, I was there for the entire thing and was trying to explain to her that the little boy was returning the toy for her and not taking it away.

I then realized how it looked to her and why she was crying so hard. and Andy said it the best, returning the the toy is part of the fun! So she had her head smacked and then got her toy taken from her! It was really hard to see the sadness and hurt on her face and she kept talking about it on our way home. Well I decided this would be a good time to explain a life lesson and I said that we all get hurt but we need to forgive. The next second I thought to myself 'yah say it in real terms so a toddler can understand.' So we prayed that Jesus would heal her head where she got hurt and heal her feelings.

Being a mom is definitely on the job training!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Blind leading the Blind

I have an official distaste for sewing. I've taken several classes growing up but I avoid it like the plague. What is most annoying is even after several classes and having other people show me how to use the machine, I can barely tread the blasted thing.

Well last night, hubby wanted to sew on some patches for his airsoft stuff and after much avoidance from me he brings out the dreaded machine. I don't know much about sewing but can turn on the machine but it ends there. So he and I are trying to thread this monster and he keeps asking me questions of which I barely know the answer. It was the blind leading the blind. Hubby is convinced it's easier then I'm making it out to be....well after 2 hours of threading the machine and trying to figure out why it wasn't working, he to now is a believer that sewing is more then a mere challenge and leads to frustration and much nashing of teeth!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Autumn and Thoughts

Autumn is in the air! I love how the mornings and evenings have that crisp cool feeling to them. This is my favorite season as our year starts to come to an end. I am dreading seeing Christmas decorations out at Costco before Thanksgiving though. Why do retails have to rush the year out!

Caden will be a month old on Monday. My goodness. Morgan is a big sister naturally and is enjoying Caden what he can and cannot do....already.

Knowing all of someone. It intrigued me lately how there are different sides to a person and as a friend you may not know who that person is completely. Hopefully one's spouse knows that person or is aware of different aspects of that person. I can see how one has to make a conscience effort to be known by others in some areas of their personality. It seems easier to hide those areas away.

Andy and Sweet Pea went to the Air Races this weekend- admist all the tantrums, having an older Morgan (compared to Caden) is becoming fun :)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

One's Hope

I've been contemplating the term- Putting one's hope in the Lord. That phrase I know is used alot in the Psalms and I was thinking about how to do that. I found a good picture of what it looks like- Caden's hand in his dad's hands :) and this helped me think what do I hope for in the future

- vacations :),
-relaxing weekends,
-good days.
Thoughts that give me a sense of hope are things I desire. Then I started to think about what God says about me and what HE desires for ME
-good plans
-give me a future
Thinking about these does give me hope! and I need to learn to desire them more

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Controlling a Bus

This post relates to the previous post in regards to Sweet Peas moments of fits :). We went to San Fran last week for one night and stayed down by the Pier. We walked to a fun restaurant for kids but decided to take the F Line to ride back to our hotel room. The bus is loaded when it pulls up to our bus stop but we manage to squeeze on and it's standing room only. I have Caden in a sling and daddy is carrying Sweet Pea. The bus starts to move and Sweet Pea starts screaming-Sit, Sit, Sit!! over and over again. We try to calm her but she is pretty sure we should all be sitting not standing! A young man offers Andy his chair right by the door. The screaming stops. I continue to stand for a few minutes and then Sweet Pea starts to scream Mommy, Mommy, Mommy. Everyone on the bus is very aware of us by this time. the lady sitting beside Andy offers up her seat and I take it with a very red face. Sweet Pea has gotten the hang that in this situation she is getting what she wants and she decides she wants to stand right on the steps while the door open and closes. Andy trys to hold her in his lap but she does the whole back throwing, kicking feet. Those nice people who have giv en up their seat try to calm her. Andy and I exit the bus at the next stop thoroughly embarrassed. I thought to myself this 2 year not only managed to control us on that trip but an entire bus load of people. The joys of the toddler years :)