Saturday, September 25, 2010

random thoughts

I'm being encouraged in the small things these days which is good. A quiet afternoon with both kids either playing peacefully together or sleeping :)

I'm enjoying feeling baby J move inside of me and knowing that after each week brings us closer to getting to know baby J.

I'm enjoying the cooler evenings and the vines on our fence that are already changing colors into red and orange

I'm enjoying God's peace and grace in our lives and how he gives us strength to walk through what seems like a never ending valley

I'm enjoying soft blankets to snuggle up in bed with and a drink when my cat is NOT trying to hump the said blanket

I'm enjoying watching my kids get bigger and Caden speaking in his own language and expressing himself and having to show me everything he has a word for. Example...mama mama...dadda's truck...mama mama....another dada's truck....mama mama....yessssss.....dadda's truck....:)

I'm choosing to enjoy this time in life