Monday, August 31, 2009

Growing Pains and milk

little baby Caden is growing out of the baby stage and since he is just over a year his main source of nutrition should be more then just milk. This is for the reason that he will continue to grow and get big and strong like his daddy!!!

I'm totally on board with this plan and love the idea of him eating our food. Caden on the other hand is going through milk withdraw as he loves.... loves drinking milk all day long and could do so for every meal. So we're at the stage of him continually throwing food on the ground and screaming for you know what..his milk!!!

So I'm laying down in the afternoon and listening to how Caden is insisting for milk in place of a 'real' lunch before he takes a nap. Considering that he is in the 3rd percentage of all kids and small for his age anyways, I'm thinking he can't live on milk for the rest of his life...

Anyways my whole point is, I wonder if this is how father God feels when he trying to feed us substantial food in life and we are crying our lungs out for our yummy milk and throwing a fit cause he isn't giving it to us. It's interesting how being a parent gives us a better or more mature view on God. I can see some areas in my own life how God is encouraging me to more beyond the 'milk' stage. ...I've been crying like Caden inside.

Where's my fork and spoon??

Friday, August 28, 2009


We lived Indonesia for a year or so in my mid teen age years and this is where I learned the word Heckler. It was the term that was used to describe the people who would stand outside the airport or a tourist place and try to sell you they item they were selling. These people of course just did not sit on the ground and show your their goods it was following you/ shouting at you to stop/saying anything to convince you to buy what they were selling...Yes that ugly Mr. T watch would look great with a Sunday dress! and that XXL oversized coat wouldn't look at all odd on your small daughter...Get my point? One guy followed my mom for over a mile and when she still said no to his insistent demands, his behavior turned to be far from polite.

Anyways..I am thinking that some not all modern day Realtor/construction people are western hecklers. May the non-hecklers in this business beam out or make some kind of sign that they are truely do care about the customer. I can wish and pray and will be for devine appointments! ;)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

This time of year and Adding On

Something about this time of year really makes me enjoy it. I do enjoy spring but something about a definite ending with summer out and school= fall. I like the darker mornings cause their cozy which is crazy. I like the darker mornings gets really cold out and your don't want to get out of bed until the thermostat is turned way up!

We'll the verdict is in and we are not moving but are going to add/remodel our house. We have thrown ideas around and after talking to realtors and construction people it has been decided. NOt like we are going at walls with hammers but probably next spring we'll add a 2nd story. I am so grateful that my husband knows more about construction/codes/ then I do as I know nothing.... nothing....I repeat! New 2 words for me owner/builder...What exactly does that mean? The owners build or the owners hire the builders or the owners over see the builders. Well guess I have time to figure it out

Now any quick tips anyone can give me on what they would have done differently when they remodeled or hard lessons they learned I am an open book

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Positive Re-enforcement

These past few days and nights it's like Caden has regressed on all the progress we had made with sleeping through the night and eating food from a spoon. He has refused and I mean REFUSED to eat food from a jar. First he waves both hands up and down like an obstacle course and then when you finally dodge the flying fist and get the spoon in his mouth he spits it out of his mouth! Do to a noticeably less food intake and drinking milk alone, he is waking up and staying up through the night cause Andy and I don't want him to get into the habit of having snacks again during the nights...The vicious cycle!!! Up all night no eating real food all day long again and again

We were at our wits end last night and I had less then angelic thoughts about my dear dear boy after being up from 1 am to 5 am. For some strange reason he still didn't want to eat from a food jar at 3 in the morning and was very disappointed that water was in the sippy up not milk

We have considered tieing his hands during meals and prying open his little jaw just isn't cutting it and plus I'm pretty sure that tieing his hands during meals would be very close to actual abuse and probably qualify him for certain theo sessions in his adult future!

Any ways...for dinner tonight he had 2 bites out of the baby food jar and I was soo happy! I was clapping and jumping up and down. This huge grin spreads across his face and he opens his mouth again and I did the same thing. So now it's almost bedtime and he ate an ENTIRE baby food jar and a few noddles which is alot for Caden. So what if our dinner was like a circus!

We shall see if this translates into a good night sleep....oh dear God!! let it be sooo!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday- Caden!

A year ago today, Caden was brought into the world. At 7 lbs 12 oz and 20 1/2 inches, I'll never forget the look on his face when he came out. It was of pure shock and then his little nose and face scrunched up and he screamed bloody murder as to ask

" why did you take me from my comfy home!" and he didn't stop crying until he was in our arms..

This year has brought so much growth for Caden, obviously, and for his parents a HUGE growth in the art of managing and balancing 2 kids and learning alot of patience of functioning fully during the day while NOT sleeping at night :) Caden is soo different from his sister and couldn't love dirt more or banging into things to get his body through or following his big sister everywhere.

Caden's little facial expressions are priceless and he has a couragious little boy's heart and tries to truly go where no baby has gone before...

and he holds a special place in my heart as I truely understand what it is to be 2nd born and have to find your place beside (NOT BEHIND) those overachiever/people pleasing, toy grabber, 1st borns !

Love you ,Caden, you are a joy and are soo important to our family

Friday, August 14, 2009

random happenings

My absolute favorite season is fall and just recently it seems that fall is starting to be in the air. Andy commented how it is a bit darker out when we get up in the morning and there is just the hazy warmth afternoon but cooler evenings. I love it! I'd love to live in a place where it was fall all year around but then I start to think of the continual pick up of dead leaves and how hard it would be to keep one's floor clean and I would probably reconsider...

I am loving the Hillside learning community on Thursday. It for sure beats trying to listening to Keith Moore at my house and trying to occupy my kids at the same time AND it's a good reason to have a date night right before so we just extend the grandparents babysitting time.

I have discovered the worse smell in the whole world. It seriously makes me want to vomit and it was in our it wasn't in the toliet or anything of that related nature. It was very odd and surprising that this thing smelled so bad. We were pouring bleach on everything and I was burning candles nonstop to cover it up while trying to figure where it came from. Andy discovered what it was and when I held it up close to see it THAT was the smell... it was the worse. This must be what you smell in hell . Hope nobody is eating while reading this....;)

Teaching Morgan how to share is like having a constant headache all day. I explain myself and why she has to at least 20 times a day and time outs and everything. The selfishness of one's soul is amazing and that includes me not just my 3 year old...

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

on Judgment day...

So this evening, Andy was explaining to Morgan about choices and how she chooses what she is going to do and then things happen. In this case it was her going to time out or obeying and not going in time out.

The first example he gave was Morgan could choose between cake or cookies and she said cake and he said great, that's a choice you make Morgan.

2nd example, he asked Morgan was she could choose between listening and obeying Mommy or go in time out, her response....cake!!!

How do you keep a straight face when your kid says something like that? Oh man.

So I doubt this will happen as I will be quivering in my pants and probably sweating in fear but I wonder what God's response would be if on judgment day when he asks me about the decisions I make if I respond 'cake!' if only that could happen

Sunday, August 2, 2009


I am hungry for something...or maybe more accurate I want to be hungry for more of Jesus. Something deeper.

I want His power and grace to transform me. I have finally come to the realization that trying to 'read' the Bible is very not do-able in this period of my life. Having 2 little kids that are crawling all over me and my oldest no longer takes naps :(. Soo I have started to listen to the audio Bible and just in the past week Keith Moore. I'm really enjoying it and am less frustrated as I'm not trying to barricade the kids while I read. Quit crying kids, I'm trying to read the Bible!!! hmmm....

The listening to speeches and the Bible is going great. So let the spiritual feast begin!!