Sunday, December 27, 2009

Update and thoughts of Christmas

Man, I looked at the date and it's time for a post:

This Christmas was ok. I always liked Christmas growing up, was never a die hard Christmas lover and setting up decorations in September. As I have gotten older, I have become rather a Christmas hater...let me explain. I don't care for all the expectations that come along with this holiday. Like it's the most wonderful day of the year and when families get together it's the most wonderful thing ever. Frankly I find it not the most wonderful day of the year, far from it and I don't really enjoy huge family get togethers when there is alot of underlining crap. Rather stressful.

I DID enjoy having some smallish parties with a few friends that was intimate and relaxing and having Christmas eve night and Christmas morning with just our family

When it comes to Christmas, the BEST Christmases hands down where the ones that me and my family spent overseas for the one reason that getting gifts for everyone wasn't even an issue. The giving of presents weren't stressed on TV or even stores. It was just normal and the emphasis was getting together at other peoples houses just to hang out and enjoy each other. I really enjoyed that. I remember playing games and enjoying talking with all these different types of people and the buying the right presents and making sure everyone got a present wasn't even an issue....ahhh. CAn there be such a Christmas in the States. The shopping craze is really annoying, but my love language isn't gift giving so maybe that's part of the reason too :)

I do have to say though. Being together with my Andy and Morgan and Caden was thee best part. So I say the best day of the year is when I get to be with them!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Data is Scary!

Morgan is getting to the age where is she very aware and watching what is happening around her and what is said and most noticeably what is on TV.

We were watching TV last night and Star Trek: Generations was on. It's rated PG so we thought ok, we'll just see. The movie was going on and we were off and on switching channels throughout the movie. She did watch the last part with Data who finds his cat on the destroyed Enterprise.

The movie ended and she started crying hard. Apparently, Data is very scary to a 3 year old and the thought of a nice cat with a scary person was to much. I never thought of that. Andy and I both ask her why she is crying and she answers..."nothing". Must have learned that response from her mom ;)...

So needless to say, nothing is watched now with her in the room except G movies and's going to be a looooooong winter

Friday, December 4, 2009

Where I'm at

I've had some interesting thoughts the last few days about where I am at life. Meaning, being at home with 2 little ones. Having a RN degree but not currently choosing to use it. Being fulfilled in what I'm doing every day.

While I'm wiping Caden's nose or putting my almost perfect 3 year old in time out, :) I've had thoughts like "well if I started working and serving others and wiping their noses and butts, then I'd really be hearing God's call on my life." I was thinking these thoughts while waiting to pick up my daughter from preschool the other day and I got a picture/ memory of one of the days when I was working at the hospital after we had had Morgan.

I vividly recall sitting at the nurse's station charting on the computer and feeling annoyed that the call light had gone on again!! If only those patients could get their own bed pans and stop their own IV machine from beeping!! :) I was thinking, if only I could stay home with my kids, then I could truly serve the people that need me! and I would content and everything would be right.

I remembered this while sittng in the parking lot and the fact that I was saying the same thing about staying home with the kids really struke me that I have a contentness issue in this area. Just recongizing this, a light bulb has gone on and as my husband asked, "don't you think someone is talking to you?".

...yes, I don't want to not recognize where I am in life and miss what God has for me today even in the little small, monotous, un-noticed moments in my day :)