Sunday, January 25, 2009

Advocate and My Trip

My trip is going well. I have left my better traveling half at home with Morgan. I missed you Andy!  I tend to get overwelmed with all the signs, people and things to remember. When I am having stimuli overload I get flustered and miss details.  Traveling alone is a chore for me. I enjoy finally arriving to the place I want to go but the actual getting there, my stomach is in knots. 

This trip got off to a surprising rough start but I am always amazed when I fly that somehow things work out. Whether it's my ticket having the wrong time or not realizing that I had to pick up baggage little things preoccupy me.  It started off with me having booked the 7 pm Southwest flight instead of the 4 pm flight.  And the only way we realized was AFTER we had gotten our tickets and were ready to head to the gate, the counter attendant commented that we were at the airport rather early.  We had gotten at the airport at 3 pm cause we thought our flight was at 4pm.  HMMM we're not early we answered.  The agent then pointed out we had booked the wrong flight and that means I would only have 1 hour to get my checked bagged and find the international terminal.  Well the agent changed my flight and I got the last seat on the 4 pm flight.  yes!

I was still feeling flustered and hurried though LAX. Having Caden was a challenge with having to manage him as well.  BUT it was a total miracle that I did get a bulk head seat from LA to Sydney (which has a crib hanging from the wall that I can put Caden in) and the lady I sat next to was wonderful and helped me so much with Caden.  I got my bulk head seat thanks to a airline agent that went the extra mile to check to see if the plane was really that full and then the australian gal sitting next to me helped me so much.  It made me so grateful and gave me a really picture as to what being an advocate means. ...Made it to Australia, very tired but made it. 



Jeni said...

Hooray for an update! Kind people are the best. But you only talked about the trip there. Are you having a good time? Enjoying your time with your sister?

Rosanna said...

Glad to hear you made it there safe and sound-- I've been thinking about you! I hope you and Danielle are having a blast, which if I know you two, I'm sure you are. :) Hug D for me, okay? Love ya!

laura said...

Hey, thanks for giving us an update! We sat next to your family in church yesterday:) Are you enjoying the warm weather? We are home to a blizzard of course! Take lots of pics and have a great time!!!

Erica said...

Thanks everyone for the comments. Yes I'm having a great time and the warm weather is nice for a short period of time. I'm taking lot so pictures for sure :)