Monday, January 25, 2010

Excel Sheets

So my husband and I have very different ways of packing. He makes excel sheets on the computer for what needs to go in his suitcase weeks before the departure date. And this is for any minor engagement.

Me on the other, throw things in a bag a day or two before. The thought of being detailed in that area, I just basically don't want to make the effort. Well we usually share a bag which causes several interesting arguments the day leading up to departure.

ON friday we are going on vacation out of the country and I have agreed to the excel sheet packing and planning weeks ahead! It's actually a nice feeling to have the suitcase done. Although I don't know if I'll completely abandon my style of packing, I'm starting to like Andy's style. Not having a Wal-Mart of any Westernized store near by was a motivator to to change my ways :)

I do have to say, my husband gets such energy and satisfaction with going as minimal as possible! He packed all his stuff in a backpack and that's it for him. Me, I didn't want to go minimal but with the airlines charging for a 2nd bag and the fact that we have to check 2 carseats in, I was again motivated to change my ways ! :)

So after last night...the final results is me sharing a suitcase with the 2 kids. 1 bag having all of our beach stuff/diapers/wipes/booster seat for Caden and then a 3rd bag carrying both of the kids car seats.

I do have the say, the most minimalist I did accomplish was live out of a backpack for 2 weeks. Andy and I backpacked Europe right before we had Morgan. I'm wearing the same clothes in all the pictures as those were the only ones I had! Same Orange sweater and jeans....wonder where Erica is in the picture...Oh look for the orange sweater and jeans!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

March Madness

It's not March yet, but with all the college basketball on TV it made me have a flash back to 7 years ago.

I had just started to date this guy whose dad I worked for (another story for a different blog :). And I would drive to the yellow house that he rented with his housemate Bradon. We would spend time watching college basketball and there was alot on as it was March. My boyfriend's roommate would talk and talk and talk and talk!! All I wanted to say was...shhhh... I'm trying to watch the game and want to talk with my boyfriend!

Me and my boyfriend didn't hang out much with his roommate after that. Sorry Bradon :)

Wow, now we live down the street from that house, it isn't yellow any more :) and have 2 kids and much more life experience. A world has changed but maybe not so much but I know I have grown to love that man more now then I did then

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

So life really isn't fair

I've always had heard that phrase while growing up and of course I would agree and would say how sad it was that life isn't fair. Some where along the way, I'd forgotten this phrase and the whole concept that life isn't what you expect and some things that in fairness should happen don't. I was talking to someone about something they had gone through and the situation they were describing it wasn't.....really wasn't fair! and I was indinant! and said well that's not fair! and she looked at me and her look said..."ah yah!!"

My response was something along the lines of...ooh so life realllly isn't fair. The impact of that statement kinda've hit me anew. I had reverted back to thinking life was fair. How silly of me :)

Thank you Jesus that life isn't fair but sometimes it seems that life would be easier if it was fair. But then I think of how Jesus' gift to us isn't based on fairness and I'm grateful that life isn't fair....

Friday, January 8, 2010

Funny Things My Son Does

Caden is such a joy. He fills my day with laughs and some headaches. Here is just a few of the funny moments that I've had recently

Caden took his shoe off and I didn't realize it. He said ah ooh and I thought it was cute as I left the scene of the crime and walked 1/2 mile before I realized this and had to retrace my steps while hauling a whole bunch of bags uphill before I found it

He now knows that you put paper in the fireplace to start the process of starting a fire and he managed to empty out a whole drawer full of paper into the fire place one morning. Guess he wanted a fire

The poop saga is still continuing in the bath tube. Even with swimmers on, that guy still does a job. Why is the water all murky!

After I tell Caden no, he graps my hand and lays his face on it or tries to grap my shirt and lay his head on it. Soooo cute

Anytime someone says horse. He makes this little whinny sound.

It took 3 solo trips out to the church parking lot before his mom got wise and uses a stroller in that building at all times. I got it, I finally got it! Not just a hat rack my friends!!! ;)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Thrift Stores and thoughts

Funny growing up, I never really shopped at thrift stores until I met this gal whose family became close friends to my family of origin. This gal had an amazing gift to see the most curvy appealing stuff in thrift stores. She took the time to look through the shelves and other junk and came out with some amazing treasures. I would always ask her, "where'd you get that?" and she would just smile and say the shop. My jaw would drop as I thought, "you found that at a thrift store!"

So I am taking lessons from her and looking carefully through thrift stores and discount stores. I don't HAVE to shop there but the way I think is the less money I spend on household items and food the MORE money I have for vacations! So I'm willing to make the exchange.
I'm thinking about being in Costa Rica at the end of January...Plus I do like finding treasures :)

Me and the kiddos went to a thrift store today and I got Morgan Grave Digger the monster truck. Which is a monster truck that she and Andy went and saw last year at the Reno Livestock Center. 25 cents. ...priceless really though. Made me think of how Jesus takes the time to really look at each person and not in a rush to fix them and then move on. He stays and waits and hopes and encourages and is by my side for the entire journey.