Thursday, October 30, 2008

Things I Like

Following up from the previous post of what I don't like. This is what I do like

I like finding money in the laundry-

I like telling those political phone calls that I have already voted and then having the phone call end promptly :)...

I like fall and the color of the trees change

I like trying to explain what 'I'm sorry' means to my daughter...(although, I think I could use simpler and easier words :)

I like having the lights on in a room

I like my husband's decorating ideas. He has some great ideas

Dancing in the kitchen

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Things I do not like

I can saw with all honestly. I have a great dislike for these things

political phone calls that wake me up from sleeping

a rug that looks like it hasn't seen a vacuumed in months 1 hour after I vacuumed it

stubbing my toe countless times on the same spot

when Andy doesn't have a good day at work

the dust and hair cloud that fills the air when our dog shakes

stepping in dog crap while I'm picking it up

playing phone tag

seeing my daughters feelings get hurt

getting heartburn even though I'm not pregnant

Monday, October 27, 2008

Super Girl

Here is a bit of a preview of Morgan's trick or treat outfit----Super Girl!!!

She insisted we wear it to Apple Hill. It was really cute and fun

Saturday, October 25, 2008


I'm watching the world series as I type and the question came into my head...

Why doesn't the sport of baseball have cheerleaders?? There's lots of time and lots of space on the field. Not that I ever was one, but I'm curious if anyone knows??? the actual and serious answer ;)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

U-Verse and thoughts

Today we are getting the new u-verse by AT&T ( I have no idea if this is spelled right). Hubby wants to do this really bad. Apparently we get more options with very little more $$. So the installer is coming today for 4-6 hours!... oh my.

I'm thinking a very very long walk with the dog and a few videos to pre-occupy the toddler.

Caden had his 2 month check up yesterday. All is well and he is in the upper percentile. what was cute was as soon as sweet Pea saw the nurse and the doctor she says ouhh weee! ou wwheee!!. Lucky for her, she wasn't getting the shots.

Installer at the door.....

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fall Time and Thoughts

I love fall, the crisp cool air and warm afternoons

I think for probably one of the first times in my life, I am very content in where I am living. This is very literal as I always dreamed of 'living' someplace else rather then my place of birth, but recently, I am being more content where I am and dare I say it 'grateful.' And when someone asks me if I'm from around here I hold my head up high and say yes I was born here instead of sheepishly saying yah, still here :)

I'm very grateful for the people that are in Andy and my life.

We went to a great buffet dinner for my hubbies birthday and I had trouble believing that the gaming community is suffering from the economy. The line for the buffet was out the door and down the hall. The amount of 100 dollar pills slapped down was amazing. Maybe our economy is not in recession but is just leveling out.

I love when my children smile and the excitement they find in the little things

I have been really missing my sister lately. Sad that she won't be coming home for the holidays. Emails just don't do justice. Australia seems like another planet right about now.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

2 months old

Caden was two months old Monday...Time is flying by so quickly. He also weighs 13 lbs!!! I think my daughter barely weighed that at 9 months. I'm thinking he's not going to follow in his sister's footsteps and be a picky eater :). Morgan insists that her babydoll and the bottle share the highchair with Caden. He doesn't seem to mind. Can you say handsome!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Living in the Moment

Living in the moment as been a phrase for me that has challenged me to really enjoy where I am and at the stage of life I'm in.

Isn't it human to always want something different then where you are?..Prime example. My parents went on a cruise to the greek islands, They left Sunday. and they are staying in Rome for a few days before and after at a bed and breakfast. I was more excited then my mom about the trip! As Andy and I are looking forward to the days were our kids are grown and we can do that. My mom is in that place and she said she thinks she had more fun going on vacations with us kids when we were little. So there you go.

Grass is always greener on the other side has more truth in it that I realized. I don't want to live in a place where I am always yearning for the next thing and missing out on what is happening right now. Even if it is the daily grind that isn't very exciting :)

Friday, October 10, 2008

Not Soo Hard

So this is kinda've a silly post but I did something today that I have wanted to do for along time and never thought I had the patience for. I blogged awhile back about having an absolute distaste for sewing verging on the edge of hating sewing, but I decided to face my distaste and sew. I asked a friend, who I knew was a good sewer and a teacher and loves aprons if she would help me...

Well finished product, I made...I...I...I...made an apron!!! and managed not to smash the sewing machine with a hammer or walk out of the room in complete distaste. I know this is no big deal for most but for me I've been so intimidated with sewing that it's amazing to myself that I sewed something all by myself (with the help of Shontell)

-Thanks Shontell

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Morgan is in the imitation stage of her life. Basically whatever I do she wants to do. when I cook dinner Morgan brings her stool and has to stand right beside me pretending to cook and stir. When andy and I read stories to her she tries to copy what we say and talks right along with us. This is a tad annoying as she matches our volume level as well and it can turn into who can talk the loudest. She does this as well with her singing books. Oh well,we're both really glad that she is right on tune! So sing and talk away Morgan!

The most funniest imitation though was when Morgan tried to breastfeed her doll after I told her she needs to feed her play doll. I tried my best to smoother my laughter. Little girls.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Good Times

I love netflix. Minus the few scratched discs we have had to return, I like picking a movie and not having to drive anywhere. Not that this is a commercial for them, but when no current movies look good. Hubby and I have rented some old movies and it is pretty amazing to the see the difference in affects. The actors comes across as more dramatic but I guess they have to if you don't get computer enhancements.

Our latest old movie was The MissFits with Clark Gable and Maryln Monroe. I didn't even know it was Marilyn Monroe until half way through and Andy had to tell me. Guess I only recognize her in the poster :). The phrases they use to describe Reno make me laugh (are they serious?). here are a few...

"you never know who you'll meet in this town" around every corner there is adventure lurking. I beg to differ!

" this town, there is always something new to do or places to go" ...technically this could be said about any place.

Overall, it was a enjoyable movie although until the last 45 min the movie moved REALLY slow. Guess they were counting on the audience gawking at Clark Gable or Marilyn Monroe

It was fun to see Reno back in the 20's. I can positively say it DID not look the same...thank goodness....I'm probably one of the last people on this blog site to have seen this movie, ooh well