Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Big Move

A big move is happening at the Jones' house. The computer desk is moving into a permanent spot in our family room. This isn't a big deal for my husband, he is thrilled. Me, the interior decorated and one who doesn't like to see furniture smashed into a room to small to hold it, isn't to thrilled. This happens as baby boy comes closer and the office is converted into the 2nd bedroom. If other women have seen my family room, you would understand my problem.

I knew this was coming and keep trying to delay the move as long as possible. In order to squeeze every possible inch of space out of our family room, I have been actively hunting for a smaller ottoman. The current one I have is to big and NO space will be left to walk around the family room when the computer desk comes out. 2 days ago I finally found the ottoman I have been looking for. It even has storage inside. The picture on the out side of the box is BROWN and I'm thrilled with the neutral color

Hubby helps me buy and bring it home and to both of our surprise, it's a very very deep purple. NOT brown. We take it outside to inspect it in the outside light, bring it inside, turn on the inside lights, yep still purple. Nothing wrong with purple, but when you're expecting a neutral brown and get purple instead..ooh well. Hubby even went back and inspected the display one and it looks not quite so purple becomes of the store lighting. But sad to say, he exchanged it for another one and it's still purple.

So, sticking with the unexpected purple but smaller ottoman. Things aren't suppose to be matchy matchy anyways....I guess.

Jesus give me patience and creativity to make the best out this situation- simple and sometimes irrelevant as this situation may seem

Monday, March 24, 2008


Today my allergies are driving me crazy! I don't recall ever having them this bad. Runny nose, red and puffy eyes and sneezing constantly. I guess this means spring is here and I'll take all my allergy symptoms rather then another snow storm although at this rate, I think I will buy stock in Kleenex the way I'm going through boxes.

Sweet Pea thinks it's funny to empty an entire box of Kleenex by pulling them all out and scattering them about the room. Ahhh, it would be more funny if I didn't have a medium size bump in my tummy that makes me hold my breath and groan every time I bend over to pick them up......At least allergies aren't contagious.

I've never been good at giving others nick names and I've never had one. When people shorten Erica it turns to Eric which is confusing and I won't count the nicknames given to me as a child from siblings that are less then uplifting. I wish I had a name that could be shortened...anyways, I thought our daughter wouldn't have a nickname either. But I've found one and I love calling her it..Sweet Pea.

I hereby give her that official nickname

Friday, March 21, 2008

Leaving Behind the Familiar

There is something in humans that just like the familiar, particularly in me, no matter how crazy or weird the familiar environment or thing is we just cling to it, or should I say I cling to it.

I have been having a hard time letting go of something that is familiar and I try to create ways in my mind that I can make it work. I bounce the ideas off of Andy and I start by saying " I have a brilliant beyond brilliant idea!" Andy sees right through it and then asks me what I'm trying to avoid by caring out this brilliant idea.

So then I'm left back with the only true option- leave behind what is familiar and push on. I always thought I would like being on a spaceship and exploring new places, I'm starting to think I would not to do so well.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

We found out!

Sonogram went well today and to all of our surprise, I'm having a BOY!!

So Laura, your prediction is correct that's 2 for 2 :).

A little brother that Morgan can play with or boss around. This does help with the color of the walls and gifts. Andy has given me a list of names he likes, most of them are G.I. Joe names...hmmm I personally like the name " The Hulk" and I can say that out loud as I doubt anyone will steal that name.

Monday, March 17, 2008

St. Patrick Brine and other thoughts

Today, I decided to make the traditional St. Patrick's meal. Corned beef with cabbage, hopefully it will turn out.

I am mourning a little cause Morgan isn't taking naps any more :( This is a sad day cause it means no more naps for me. I'll have to settle for 'quite times' that last maybe an hour.

I feel the baby move about everyday and we find out if it's a boy or a girl tomorrow. I know the correct thing to say is, you'll be happy with either a boy or a girl as you are secretly wishing for a particular sex, but I am very excited for a girl-yeah a sister, I love having a sister and hope Morgan can have the joy of having one- or a boy- lots of blue or camo and a person to play airsoft with Andy.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Simplicity of Llife

Morgan is at a great age and a bad age right now. She has yet to learn how to sit in our lap for more then 5 min but she finds such pleasure in the simple things.

Morgans exploring how things work in life. Like drinking out of a cup, going down stairs, touching hot things-oouch! and daddy and mommy get to parent and hide our smiles when she figures out, the hard way, how things work.

I have tried to let her find out for herself and not come to the rescue all the time. For example, she did take a slight tumble down the 2 steps going to the backyard cause she wasn't going down safely (babies really do bounce!, she was none the worse) and I smiled to myself as she poured all of the dog's water over herself yesterday. She said the word cold for the first time!

I did intervene when she was trying to take out the carton of chocolate milk and it started to pour out onto her head. Next time if it's closer to 5 pm, I'll let her pour it all over herself and she can surprise daddy at the door :)

I wonder if God doesn't feel like this watching his children walk through life figuring out how his world works. Seeing his children fall down stairs and pour cold water all over themselves. I bet God smiles or cries alot

Thursday, March 6, 2008


When I was much younger, I liked the word fair, it helped me get what my siblings got and life was better.

Now that I am in the place where I decide for kids/ extended family/ siblings the role they have in our lives, I'm deciding that being fair is for the birds! The whole concept of 'fair' is backwards. For example: you have 2 different people who you want to be 'fair' towards but you can't because those two people are not the same. The decisions, words, and personalities are different so you can't treat them the same. What you do for one isn't an automatic do for the other. Fair puts everyone on the same level which we are not.
We all make our own choices whether good or bad and being fair (treating everyone the same) doesn't take that into account.

My biggest issue with being fair is that you the person who gives out fairness, like candy, ends up being a victim to fairness it's self and you can't do certain things because it's not fair. Well fairness is for the birds and I'm NOT playing the fair game anymore. Thank you Jesus that God is not fair.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Grass is always Greener

Before we went on our vacation to San Diego, it seemed we kept running into people who had lived there and moved up here. My hair dresser, one of Andy's airsoft friends, and the airport ticket counter. We did get lots of great tips from these people on places to go and local places ;).

When we were down there, it was so green with small mountains all around and the beach was near by as well. We asked each other, this place is beautiful and close to the beach. You have green, and some hills/mountians, why have so many people moved away? We could live here! (Not that we are moving) I met this fellow mom on the beach and she was a single mom and she and her daughter live in a 500 square foot home and it's been valued at 500,000. O.k. that's not good.

Then our bus driver who took us to the airport commented on how he was considering moving to Reno to retire. Really!.... Reno? our faces must have asked.

My hubby commented that grass truly is greener on the other side. It really is