Monday, January 26, 2009

Aussie Land

So I made it off the plane and my siblings were there to welcome me. It's always wonderful to see familiar faces after 15 hours!! We headed to our little flat (small apartment) that Danielle rented for the week. Australia and especially Melbourne has great public transportation. It reminds alot of Europe. There are trains and buses and you can easily get around without a car. Which we have done. Of course the australia definition of a walk is a lot longer then the American version.

We walk a mile each way to the tennis stadium each day so it's 2 miles easy a day. No complaints cause the walk is really pretty although mostly uphill :(. Seeing the tennis live is amazing. I was surprised to find out how absolutely quite it is between the tennis points and everylittle sound can be heard. So if you're watching the Australian open and you hear a baby's likely it's Caden. I had to dash out several times cause doesn't he know you can't cry during the rallys!!
Aussie are huge into sun protection and saving water. Danielle informed me that australia is one of the driest continents and they are in a drought. there's tons of advertisements to cut back, reduce reuse, recycle (thanks Jack Johnson). Another thing that is cute in Australia is they have coffee houses or cafe right alot the street and you can sit and grap something to eat or drink really quick.

Everyone says Caden is soo cute and he has been such a trooper. The first few nights were really real hard with him not falling asleep an less he was was being held. He's adjusted by now to the time difference just in time for us to go back....

It is nice to see green leaves on the trees and it's like a time wrap hearing about the weather back home. I'll post pictures soon


laura said...

you and Caden are so cute in your hats!! Very down under! And here at our house it has been snowing since yesterday. yuck! Enjoy the heat!

Rosanna said...

Oh yay... pictures!!!! You look like you guys are having so much fun. :) Makes me miss hanging out with you both like the old days.

I'm glad to see that you have the black umbrella and the hats... but I'm disappointed that you don't have a towel over your head and face! HAHHAHA

Love you, you cute mommy! Hug Danielle again for me. :)

Plucky said...

That's great Erica. I'm glad your trip is going good.

Erica said...

Laura- are you adjusting well to the snow since your trip? I think we will have a shock coming back

Rosanna- it's fun, although as you can tell I look quite tired while I'm sitting next to my umbrella, no towel ;)

Plucky- thanks

scoey-d said...

You'd have been so proud of Andy & Morgan - they did the offering together on Sunday... :)

He's really a great dad.

Jeni said...

I love the pictures! And as far as Caden crying during the tennis match, I say GO CADEN. I would cry, too because I'd be so bored. But I'm glad that you enjoyed it. That's what's important! :)

Erica said...

Scoey- Andy told me Morgan ran away from him deliberately cause she didn't want to go home with him :( I concur he is a great day

Jeni- you crack me up :)