Monday, July 27, 2009

Things that make me smile

My kids playing together and having crawling races down the hall

Caden waiting until I see him go into a place he is not suppose to be (i.e. the bathroom). He gives me a huge grin and then takes off towards the bathroom crawling as fast as his little legs can go. I can hardly stop laughing each time he does this

Both my kids jumping on Morgan's bed to the music of "5 little monkeys jumping on the bed"

When Morgan catches me by surprise and says, " I love you mommy"

My husband's smile and sigh of relief when he comes home from work

My vine outside my backdoor that is growing like crazy up our house

A robin in our bird bath

Eating ice cream outside in the evening

Sitting at the dinner table after dinner, chillin and listening to everyone play/talk

...These are a few of my favorite things

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Welcome to the world...

Cavery Justin Jones and congratulations to his parents Cullen and Melissa

I got to tell you, I like being an Aunt already!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday Happenings

This Sunday has been great for several reason

1. Finally new blinds up in our master bedroom as the old ones had broke. Do you think 5 + years of anxiously awaiting could be considered long suffering :)

2. Both of our kids played by themselves for a good 2 + hours this afternoon. This is a rare occurrence where no need is being expressed through crying/ tantrums/ or picking on each other

3. My husband took a much needed nap. I think for the time we have been married he has napped less then 5 times. Really tired

4. Got the info to sign up for a tap dancing class in the fall. It's one of my life long dreams to learn how to tap dance. Even better when friend Kati is going to accompany me.

5. Left-overs for dinner. Lots to choose from... Easy

6. I am closer to becoming an Aunt...but not quite yet

7. I managed to not spill one drop of spaghetti on my white pants!! This truly was a good day

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Random Thoughts

Going camping really does make you appreciate the simple comforts of one's house and again things seem fresh.

Camping is also a fun way to bond with others, deepen relationships, and get away for a few days :)

I am ever in amazement of my hubby's ability to look at an area map and then drive away and get to the location. Me on the other hand have to print out step by step directions, I'm glued to the map throughout the entire tirp and still get lost in Sparks of all places! Thank God for cell phones!

At this second Morgan is throwing a huge fit cause she can't get a whistle to blow. And I'm crazy to teach her how to make it work!

Caden is for sure a bouncer. He bounces really good off the bed onto the floor and then back up again with barely a cry.

Any day now, I will be an Aunt to another baby Jones. It's comforting hearing about how someone else is not sleeping through the night ;)

At least twice this week I was grateful for my husbands completely different background that he came from

me- I tell Andy that one of his airsoft friends looks sketchy
Andy- why?
me- I don't he has earings!!!
Andy- so and so has earnings too, why does that matter?
me- oh man! will I ever learn!!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

There are two types of people in this world....

Those that LEAP out of their beds in the morning and those that CREEP out of their beds in the morning. I am the latter and my husband is the former. I process and react to situations and people's request so much slower as I'm waking up and my husband is exactly the opposite. Perfect example.....

This also applies to being woken up in the middle of the night by our dear dear baby. Andy jumps out of bed and starts searching for a pacifier by throwing things out of the crib (not the baby mind you). He is moving at a speed I can only reach in the late afternoon. Me on the other hand am walking slowly with my eyes still half shut to Caden's room. By the time Andy has found a pacificer, Caden is now fully awake and Andy calls it quits and bolts back to bed. Me on the other hand have been watching sleepily from the chair in Caden's room. I quietly pick Caden up and sleepily rock him back to sleep.

How to people blend their lives together is truely a work in progess....

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Post vacation thoughts and pictures

So the family got back from vacation. The recovery has been good. I love how one's house and everything around you seems fresher after a get away and the monotonous daily routines have a new spark when you've been gone from them. So dishes/laundry/floors here I come!!!!

My sister is back to the Aussie land. I'm always sad to see her go and try not to keep asking her when she is coming back every day as her life is there and she is happy there. but the tentative date for our next sighting is January of 2010. :) Not to far off. I think on this last trip with her seeing the daily life of having small kids, her desire for kids has been reduced dramatically to say the least! She's quite content to be an Aunt. I think Caden waking up several times crying at night and then getting up at 5 am helped her reach that conclusion and the fits of emotion Morgan would have when she got tired. That's fine, I'm happy and content to be the sister who has the kids and helps them grow and become people and she can be the world traveling Aunt they go and visit.

As far as the family dynamics that went along with 6 adults in one house, I was really glad at how smoothly it was. There were definite different points of views on topics of conversation but still love and acceptance after the talks. Glad we can agree to disagree about things and then just continue on in relationship.

One irratating point about californians. What is it with tail gating with those drivers! It seems to be a pre-requistie to become a driver is that you will get 3 inches from the person's bumper if they are in the fast lane going 80-85 mph and it's just not fast enough for you! BACK OFF BUSTER! Maybe I'll make that into my own bumper sticker and post it on my car.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thoughts on Vacation

So Andy, I, our family and my family of original are chilling in Santa Cruz for the week in a rental house by the ocean. Doing nothing...the best kind of vacation there is. There's two different kinds of weather in one day. For the early morning it is very foggy and chilly. This last to about noon and then the sun gets really hot. Around 5 pm, it goes back to the fog coming back in and the degrees dropping sharply. Makes me miss the month of June in Reno where we got clouds/rain and then sun in the afternoon :(

The most BIZARRE bumper sticker ever. Actually it made me cringe inside and not want to associate with Christians at all. We were driving through Donner summit and we passed a red car and he had a bumper sticker that said in big bold black letters. THE FOOL HAS SAID IN HIS HEART THERE IS NO GOD.... Not if this was bad enough but the bumper sticker wasn't stuck on his rear bumper but to the side of his car, just incase anyone missed seeing it.. That makes me cringe inside. The only word I said was from Morgan's vocabulary- goodness. That is all.

The first night here was rather rough as Andy saw and tasted his dinner twice. Not so great being sick on your vacation. Glad it was the 24 hour flue and nothing longer.

It's amazing what you speculate about a person's life. We're renting out a house that a single gal owns. Everything in it is hers and it's apparent she lives in it when it's not being rented out. So things I have deduced. Possible lesbian as there are numerous pictures of naked women and one particular where their hugging. She is obsessed wither her little white dogs and she has great decoration sense and color scemes throughout the house. Also, she is rolling in it :)

2 more days of vacation then back to grind....