Friday, November 28, 2008

First Movie

We took Morgan and Caden to their first moive and we saw the Disney movie, Bolt. Well actually we took Morgan to 2 movies when she was an infant but I doubt she remembers Nacho Libre and the 3rd pirates movie but since she slept through both of them we don't count them. This was Caden's first movie and he slept through the whole thing :)

Morgan did good. She laughed and exclaimed "oooh nooo" in scary parts and cheered for the kitty and doggy. She lasted the whole time. It did help that when she looked back all the other kids where sitting and watching quietly. The movie was pretty funny. The hamster made Andy and I laugh alot. I guess if you have to go kids movie this one was entertaining.

My highlight for this thanksgiving was the turkey. I brined it the day before and it was so juicy and tender. Safely say it was the best I've tasted :).

Monday, November 24, 2008

Hiding From Love

O.k., so I have a hard time diving into a book and I can't force myself to read something if it doesn't spark my interest, even if my mind says I should. I've been looking for a deep and meaningful book to read for several months...yes months.

I've tried a few but finally heard my mom talk about the book "Hiding from Love." What really sparked my interest is it is written by one of the authors that wrote the Boundaries book (Dr. Townsend) which has changed Andy and my life and our marriage. That is what got me interested.

So I'm about half way through it and it's really good. It has made me think about where I struggle (where are my triggers) where I haven't experienced wholeness and life.

If you do pick it up...the story about the little girl in the woods is a great lead in and it is a picture which the author draws from later. Just so you know ;)...Happy Thanksgiving everyone

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


The thing most that I will miss if we ever move is our neighbors across the street. The man has been retired for over 10 years and he and his wife have lived in the same house for 45 years. They raised their three kids in a house just about 1000 square feet. That encourages me :).

Anyway, the other day the man, Carl gave us 3 trout that he had caught so that we could eat them...yummy? The first thought that came into my mind was...whole fish head, tail, and everything? Fortunately, to my relief Carl had taken the guts out ( is the official word, digutting?). and he said pan fried they tasted best. So we did and the fish turned out great! Trying not to stare at the eye the whole time was challenging and Andy did enjoy chasing Morgan around with just the head...but it was yummy.

Here's to fresh caught trout! Almost makes me want to take up fishing...almost

Friday, November 14, 2008

Potty Training

So, Sweet Pea, is very ready to be potty trained. After she announced that she went in her diaper to all the preschoolers at the library yesterday, I figured it was time to go for it. As she had been dropping other signs like crazy for the past few weeks.

So we are. We have a ways to go, but I'm really excited that she has started the process. Her favorite underway are boys underwear cause those were the ones that had Nemo and Lightening McQueen on them. Fine with me.

It seems amazing to me that she grows in spurts. Not learning anything new and then all of a sudden she wants to go potty and wants to help set the table and put the silverware in the dishwasher....seemingly all in 1 week. ....Sigh..... At least Caden is STILL a baby ;)

Hurray Morgan!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Passport Woos

So, trying to get the passport for my 2 month old has proved kinda've funny and yet cumbersome. Some of my highlights and wooos

- getting a passport picture for Caden and holding him out on one hand infront of the camera guy at Costco. Mommy needs to get some muscles. Did I mention I almost dropped him. You try holding a 13 lb baby stretched out in one hand!

- I stapled my finger while trying to get his photo on the application and then I read how I wasn't suppose to staple it...ooops

- Both mom and dad have to go to the passport office to show our I.D. and my hubby finding time to get away from work has been trying. If one of the parents isn't there 2 letters have to be written, one giving me permission and the other telling them why he couldn't be there. brother...

My highlight though was filling out Caden's part of the application it asked how tall he is-- a very tall 23 inches and his hair and eye color. Just incase the baby I bring to the office doesn't match the description......government bueracracy

Monday, November 10, 2008

match maker match maker

we took this picture earlier in the month. Coincidentally my friend, Rosanna just got Fiddler on the roof. I got my match but I fear our poor old dog is still looking for her match.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Tomorrow, I'm heading off to Lake Tahoe for the women's retreat. Caden is coming along as he is so attached to his mother ;).

Andy has been really busy at work (thank you Jesus) so much that he actually brought work home, which is really unusual for him. Morgan enjoyed drawing on the draft papers with her markers alongside Andy. I was really proud of hubby as he actually told a fellow co-worker who told him that he needed to stay longer at work that day (this fellow is not andy's boss and Andy felt he could get the work done on time anyways without the extra hours in the office) that his family was his priority. Good for you, Andy! :)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Australian Open

For those who do not know, I am an avid avid tennis fan!! My family of origin and I learned how to play tennis when we were living over seas as it was cheap and a good way to get exercise, and you could play at night which offered some relief to the 100 degree temperatures during the day. Any whoo, I love watching the game and know the players history. I'm glued to the tv during the four big tournaments throughout the year, which Andy dreads as it's on literally day and night which means boring tv for one of us for at least a week :)

It has always been a life long dream of mine to attend one of the slams (Tennis has 4 big tournaments through the year called grand slams) and when my sister ( who lives in Australian) told me she would be attending the Austalian open in Jan 2009, for her 30th birthday, I jumped on board fast! my gracious hubby who is very understanding agreed to let me go.

Soo, in January I'm hopefully off if all goes well with baby Caden coming along with me and Andy handling our so calm and complacent 2 year old ;) for 10 days

Tomorrow then, I'm going to try to get my 2 month old a passport...wish me speed as I have endless forms to fill out and senseless bureaucratic procedures to muddle through.