Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bible stories

Every Sunday, my daughter comes back with her sunday school lesson and tells me what she learned...it's absolutley hilarious what stands out to kids and I can barely keep a straight face as she so intently tells me what the story is...

Here's Noah and the big boat

Morgan : "mommy, here's noah and he made a BIG boat and he had a reallllly long beard!!!! Much longer then Daddy's beard!! I SAW IT!!!!

Me: "you saw it!!!"

Morgan: Yes!!! and it was SOOO Long and white!!!

Jacob and Esau

Morgan: there were 2 brothers, Esau had a REALLY red face and the other had a white face and REALLY HAIRY arms!!

Me: Really? are you sure Esau didn't have hair arms?

Morgan: NO, just a REALLY red face. and Jacob liked to stay home with his mommy and Esau went out and did trips!

Me: oh wow! did he hunt animals like deer?

Morgan: yah!!

Me: do you think he killed bambi's mom (I couldn't resist:)

Morgan: oh no he didn't kill her

So precious. and a big shout out to the preschool team that teaches my daughter these precious lesson :)