Saturday, November 28, 2009

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thoughts from the past

I love being a mom and now that morgan is 3 and 1/2, she gets to go to fun birthday parties and has some friends that she really likes. I'm getting use to seeing my little girl interact with other girls and even helping Morgan friends. It's kinda've weird doing it, and I'm very aware that her friends might have different values/ways of living in their house/ opnions, but at the moment their playing with my daugther so indirectly I'm affecting them

I was thinking of this when we were at a play house last night and I was helping Morgan get her shoes on and then her friend asked me to get her shoes on as well, cause her mom wasn't right there. I helped both girls and it brought back a memory when I was about 14 years old......

My family was camping with another family at a beach when we lived in the middle east. The mom was English and her name was Christine and the dad was Egyptian who's name was Ahmed. They had one son who's name was Sam and he was the same age as my brother and I'll never forget how Sam used the word "pardon" when he didn't hear you or understand you. Americans usually say "what" or..."huuu" but hearing this little boy use the word "pardon" in his English way of saying things was really cute. Anyways, we were camping on the beach which is a very sandy experience, and all the kids were getting ready to go into our tent and Sam's mom carried over some water in a bucket and was washing her son's feet off before he went in the tent and then just like I was her daughter she washed my feet. It felt really weird having someone touch my feet and caringly clean them. I remember thinking, this is like something in the Bible!! But I was touched cause she was not my mom but was doing the same for me as for her son...

So anyways, those thoughts were going through my head while I was helping morgan and her friend get their shoes on. I hope that as Morgan grows up, I can help/serve her friends and touch their lives in caring ways.

Friday, November 13, 2009


So, if you didn't know, I love biographies. I like to read about people who do things that interest me. Currenlty I'm reading Andre Agassi's new book Open. Very interesting. I think it's appealing cause I have followed his career and watched him on TV and listened to him commentate several times.

What the outside actions and appearances don't show is surprising. He mentions matches in the book that I recall seeing and he writes about how he was struggling physically/mentally/emotionally, almost to a complete break down. Could never tell by watching the match. Makes me think about how God looks on the inside and us people look on the outside. How misleading that can be!!

I always wanted to be telepahtic (be able to sense what other people are feeling/thinking). This past few weeks, I have heard of people I know who are going throw really really tough life situations. My heart aches for them. Ino more want to be like Diane Troy (on next generation Star Trek, anymore. That would be a burden to carry probably to much for my fragile psych :)...So...grateful for something funny

Thursday, November 5, 2009


This weekend is looking to be an interesting one

I'm off to the ladies retreat for Friday night. I get to drive up with 2 friends which is great as I'll love the company. I'm just staying for 1 night and will come back down by Saturday afternoon. My brother is tieing the knot at dusk on Saturday so yes I will sacrifice my 1/2 hour massage appt up at the ladies retreat to go to his wedding, for anything else probably not. Still bummed about that but I'm glad to be at the special event.

My sister who is in Australia is coming back for 3 days...yes 3 days...A 14 hour airplane flight twice in 3 days. My sacrifice doesn't seem that big now which is good :)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Apple Hill pictures

We all to our trip to Apple Hill. We try to do it every year on Nevada day but we went on Thursday instead as Andy took the day off.

It was really nice. Most of the farms had very little people at them, we even got to get into the Fudge factory without a mile parking wait! Not all the sites were open as we discovered most of them are closed during the week but it worked out.

I really enjoy making our own traditions and following through with them.