Sunday, January 27, 2008

My Child lives off Jet Fuel!!

Our daughter has been so full of energy it's crazy...or maybe it's that I have such a lack of energy. On Sunday, we get home a bit later then her usual nap and she refuses to sleep. I managed 10 minutes of shut eye on the couch and wake to find her pulling my hair with a huge smile (yes it was sweet.. But people especially mommies need to sleep!!!!) I commented out loud that she must be getting jet fuel for energy

Both Andy and I were laying like dead people around the family room Sunday afternoon and she was at it and had been at it all morning and afternoon with no nap and an early rise.. When does this end!

STOP if you don't have a positive comment, I don't think I can bare to hear it's going to be 5 more years of this.

Bright side, with this next baby that's growing inside, I will LOVE those immobile months and I don't think I will encourage this next one to walk at all...:D

Friday, January 25, 2008

Good/Bad Neighborhood

Nothing new that we people tend to categorize locations, people, items, events as either good or bad. I know I have caught myself locking my car door when I drive through a 'bad' neighborhood but the thought doesn't occur to me when I'm in a 'good' neighborhood.

I learned a valuable lesson last year about assessing people/things/locations based on whether it looked dirty & old= bad and clean & new= good.

I went over to a friends apartment to scrapebook and it was my first time to her apartment. It was in a area of town that I categorized as 'bad'. Just based on how things appeared to me. What I didn't know was that my cell phone had fallen out of my pocket when I was crossing the street to get to my friend's apartment. 10 mins later I was sitting with my friend and her cell phone rings and she says, your calling me.' How can I be calling you, I'm right here! Turned out a family driving by in a car saw my cell phone and picked it up, called the last ph# I had in my phone record which was fortunately my friend's cell.

The people said they would swing around the front of the apartment again if we would meet them outside the gate to hand me back my cell phone. We met them outside and my first impression of the family was "how many people can they fit in that car!" The 4 door car was battered and old and it looked like 2 families where squished in the back seat. I thought to myself
" let that teach me never to judge a place or person based on how it appears on the outside."

I thought of this memory cause I was in the Bible book store today and some ladies where talking about that highly publicized missing person case that happened 5 days ago. They were saying how that was a 'bad' area of town and little wonder that it had happened where it did. I was thinking 'wow, that is actually 5 minutes from my house' and it's not 'bad'!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Interesting Comments

I enjoy going to work not necessarily for the work part, but talking to people in the mid-west and east coast is always interesting but also talking to my co-workers

I'm always amazed at how different people's background is or where they come from. Me and 3 other nurses were talking about working nights and 2 out of 3 had worked nights most of their 40 year nursing span! Working nights for 40 years! that puts my pathetic year in a different light. I asked how they raised kids when they had to sleep during the day. Both of them responded that that was the easy part. Wow! I can't imagine living on my toddlers 2 hour nap as my night time rest.

We also talked about how long we want to live. 1 of the nurses said one of her aunts had lived to be 100 and how she didn't want to live that long. My thought is I would want to live to be 100 if my dear husband was with me but having to loose him and then start over is to overwhelming...of course there is God's grace but still.. very sad.

I have talked to a gentlemen who had been married over 70 years!!! He and his wife where both in their mid 90's. Now that would be amazing

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I'm So Tired

My hubby and I have been keeping it a secret until now, but I'm pregnant :) About 10 weeks.
We are looking forward to having another little one and keeping up with my toddler now is making me look forward to the non-mobile stage! yes!

So, the morning sickness is in full swing. I would like to say, calling it morning sickness is very misleading cause it strikes at anytime of the day or in the case of how I'm feeling now, all day long. Feeling very nauseous and like crap the last couple of weeks though. But looking forward to the baby...:)

I am glad to say I abandoned my usual people pleasing ways and I called in sick this morning to work. Not a tinge of regret or feeling like I abandoned the other workers.

Off to the bathroom...again

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Turning of the times

I work with c0-workers that are all 40 years older than me. I'm the token 'young person' there. 2 years ago, I took my hubby to a work party and after we left for the evening he remarked that we were by far the youngest people there...get the picture. I smile and try not to laugh out loud when my co-workers around me talk about their 'kids' and they are exactly the same age as me and in the same stage of life, raising kids.

Well- it has started, my mother has long warned me about the dynamics of the baby boomer's retiring. This year, 4 of my co-workers are retiring because they qualify for medicare benefits. I congratulate them and then tell them to leave some $$ for the younger generations....please. Four people may not sound like allot but considering that nursing is already short, who is going to fill the absence?

I think I already know what my place of employment will say..'we don't need to replace them, just work hard...and by the way don't collect any over time.." ooh well

This isn't meant to be a nursing commercial BUT anyone want to be a nurse? You make great money and just have to endure the first 2-3 years of pure chaos while getting your hospital experience before you can get a 'normal hour' job AND after being around all sorts of smells and bodily fluids, changing a baby is a piece of cake. :)

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The real useful guide to wine

My sister was in Australia for this Christmas but we got gifts from her and one in particular that made me smile. I got this book from her called "The really useful guide to wine" and a bottle of Australia's finest. Now there is a story behind this...

I gave my sister a glass of some Merlot last summer that had been sitting out for a few months..sorry and my sister said it tasted like pure vinegar. I defended my 10$ bottle from Winco saying she didn't know what good wine tasted like. So that was the reason for the book and the bottle. BTW, the bottle she sent was excellent. Blew my cheapy stuff out the window. I guess wine can't be cheaper then milk.

I started reading it and boy I had no idea how many categories of wine there are! and brands and types of grapes! Unfortunately this book references many brands that are made in Europe like German Riesling, French Grand cru, or some northern Italy wine that I can't pronounce. Bummer. Do you think I could find any of those at our local cheap grocery store? probably not.

My husband was browsing through the book and pointed out a paragraph to me:

"With all light dry whites, try to track down a winemaker who uses low-yielding vines (for more concentration in the grapes) rather then fertile high-cropping ones." HMMMM I know I've heard that before, particularly this last fall :)