Friday, September 25, 2009


So our week in Escondido is coming to an end. It's been very relaxing and fun. Before the vacation, Andy and I talked alot about how many days we would go 'do' something and home many days we would 'do nothing'. Based on our last vacations the past few years, we've discovered several things that send the whole day spiraling down hill or kids have melt downs.

Well our past experienced paid off. We would go to an entertainment place one day and then the next do nothing but chill in the house/pool. Every other day like that, so this time it has felt like a relaxing vacation.

Wondered how long I could live like this. At the moment it seems like I could do this for a long time, but then I think ( and I know ) I would begin to miss people and having meaningful interactions and being in other people's lives. So real life here we come back.

Interesting to watch other families at the pool and watch other 3 year olds have fits and other babies screaming plus noticing which families played with their kids in the pool and others who didn't. Believe me, if I didn't have to hold my kids in the pool because they couldn't touch, I don't know if I would be in there with them all the time either.

Great times and gooder times to come :)

Friday, September 18, 2009

God is good

I've been pondering the phrase, God is good. I know mentally what that is but actually believing it in my heart has been difficult these past few weeks. I think I believe in my heart that God is good to me and my family but sometimes life just doesn't seem fair for others.

It seems that some people are hit with a wave upon wave of difficulty or just life stuff but the fact that it keeps occurring to the same people seems unfair to me. I know God is good and I want to believe in his goodness.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

mid-week post

So I have had a cold for over a week and it's really starting to annoy me now. I bring a box of tissues where-ever I go now and if my eyes suddenly tear I'm not going to burst out the water works but my sinuses hurt.....If no improvement in a few days, antibiotics here I come!!! It's funny cause my son and husband seem to have a super immune system and haven't even gotten a sniffel! and Morgan had it for 2 days. I contribute the male super immune system, at least Caden's dad, to the 20 vitamins Andy takes every day and I'm not exaggerating. I would too love to take alot more vitamins then I do but I have a 'thing' for swallowing pills. I choke so easily on pills that are NOT capsules and not small. Andy has performed the Heimlich several times and once I performed it on myself...although it really hurt but the vitamin came out! Darn you B vitamins!!! So it's chewable gummy vitamins for me....:( not much variety in those.

The Jones family is going on their family vacation on Saturday for a week. We're staying about an hour out of San Diego at Welk resorts. pictures of the place look great. We're about 2 hours from Disney land/ 1 hour from Sea World. I think we'll go see Mickey Mouse for 1 day maybe 2 if it's a great could it not be! :)

My tendancy for sarcasim comes out alot more when I'm tired/annoyed/ or just plain mad. I'm learning to practice the loving saying "if you can't say anything nice...don't say anything at all" ....a las it does have better results then sarcasim but not as amusing.

I really enjoyed the US Open this year. Can you believe the next big tennis tournament is the Australian Open in January and so that means it's been a year since I went there with Caden. That is hard to believe, it went by soo fast. Good times. I wouldn't even consider taking CAden on a 16 hour plane trip now without a suitcase full of tranquilizers ;) for myself and the other passaenges of course. It was the perfect period of time to take him and I loved spending the time with my siblings. My sister is considering flying to Germany from Australia to visit one of her roommates. Guess the flying time for that trip? 45!

Monday, September 7, 2009


Preschool for Morgan is in full force and I love having her enjoy her day and me as well!

Changes are occurring it seems everywhere I look this includes the weather seasons as well. Having a foundation in not having fear has helped me not react in my old self way. Grateful for people and teaching around me

I'm totally procrastinating on some stuff and it's calling me as I type

I've always had a list of places I'd like to visit and recently that list as grown when I watch sunrise earth on HD (it's an 1/2 hour morning show that just shows the sun rising but each morning it's in a different location around the US)....I'm also appreciating the sagebrush! ( I can't believe I'm typing those words!)

My sister is investing residencies that she could enroll in 2010 in the western US. I'm thrilled!!! and I have to say anyplace is closer then Australia.

Caden is walking everywhere and as a result as numerous bruises and bumps just about anywhere. Morgan is thrilled someone can chase her and she is sooo frustrated as to why he can't keep up with her.

Autumn.....bring it!!