Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Controlling a Bus

This post relates to the previous post in regards to Sweet Peas moments of fits :). We went to San Fran last week for one night and stayed down by the Pier. We walked to a fun restaurant for kids but decided to take the F Line to ride back to our hotel room. The bus is loaded when it pulls up to our bus stop but we manage to squeeze on and it's standing room only. I have Caden in a sling and daddy is carrying Sweet Pea. The bus starts to move and Sweet Pea starts screaming-Sit, Sit, Sit!! over and over again. We try to calm her but she is pretty sure we should all be sitting not standing! A young man offers Andy his chair right by the door. The screaming stops. I continue to stand for a few minutes and then Sweet Pea starts to scream Mommy, Mommy, Mommy. Everyone on the bus is very aware of us by this time. the lady sitting beside Andy offers up her seat and I take it with a very red face. Sweet Pea has gotten the hang that in this situation she is getting what she wants and she decides she wants to stand right on the steps while the door open and closes. Andy trys to hold her in his lap but she does the whole back throwing, kicking feet. Those nice people who have giv en up their seat try to calm her. Andy and I exit the bus at the next stop thoroughly embarrassed. I thought to myself this 2 year not only managed to control us on that trip but an entire bus load of people. The joys of the toddler years :)


noel said...

wow, i left you a note of an yet another idea that might work with lil miss morgan. you can do this erica you are a nurse for goodness sakes!! you put up with difficult situations in the medical field everyday, you can do this!!

Erica said...

This is why I did not go into pediatrics!! Stuck with the adults although they were delinquent enough. One major plus in the medical field are drugs and restraints ;) neither which I could get away with.

And you know your own kids know how to push your buttons, but you're right, I can survive, I just need a plan :)

miss jessica said...

Oh've got your hands full! Like noel said...You can do it!

Rosanna said...

Awwwww, Erica! That is pathetically funny. I feel for ya, Momma. (hahaha, "delinquent"!)

Of course MY children will never do such things and will always behave themselves perfectly like proper children should.