Thursday, September 25, 2008


I haven been contemplating alot about friends. What makes some people be friends and other people not? Chemistry, personalities, trials. I was thinking about a friend I have had since I was 17. To be honest, sometimes I'm amazed we are still friends cause we don't agree on some major issues and we could easily argue about them, but we don't bring the topics up. And it works and we are great friends.

I do remember specific points in our friendship where I had to be very honest with her and her with me and we had alot of conflict. I was thinking how I could have or she could have easily just put our friendship aside but we didn't, we persevered and today we are still friends. We still don't agree on some major issues but I account what we had to work through as some areas in my life where I have learned discretion as to when and where and how the truth is spoken.

It made me think, I wonder if I fought for all friendships like I had with the above one if I would have any of those relationship where I was a good friend but now we barely talk. Or if some friendships don't work out just cause. I'm very grateful for the friends I have had, have and the friends that are in the future


Jeni said...

I think of it this way-- not every friend you make is going to be a friend for life. If they are going to be, you will come back together again and everything will be comfortable, as though you were never apart.

jami said...

friends are great! it's good to have those friends who you can be real with and show your true colors to.

Erica said...

Jeni- you are very wise :)

Jami- I totally agree

Rosanna said...

Hmm, good thoughts. You are definitely a friend worth fighting for, my dear. Let's talk more!