Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Life's Knocks

It is amazing to watch Sweet Pea experience life moments for the first time but as we know life does have it's knocks which is hard for me to accept that at some point Morgan will discover not all friends are friends and she will be left out and have her feelings hurt. Well at library time this week she experienced her first realization that the knocks of life hurt. Basically she collided with another toddler and landed on the floor and then her toy was taken away from her by the same kid (who thought he was helping return the toy to the teacher). Sad thing was, I was there for the entire thing and was trying to explain to her that the little boy was returning the toy for her and not taking it away.

I then realized how it looked to her and why she was crying so hard. and Andy said it the best, returning the the toy is part of the fun! So she had her head smacked and then got her toy taken from her! It was really hard to see the sadness and hurt on her face and she kept talking about it on our way home. Well I decided this would be a good time to explain a life lesson and I said that we all get hurt but we need to forgive. The next second I thought to myself 'yah say it in real terms so a toddler can understand.' So we prayed that Jesus would heal her head where she got hurt and heal her feelings.

Being a mom is definitely on the job training!


scoey-d said...

Watching your kid get hurt, disappointed, frustrated, etc is one of the hardest things I've had to do... esp. if they do something that causes their own pain.

The 'natural' response is to try to protect your kids from any pain they might experience. But doing that is #1, impossible, & #2, counter productive to the human learning experience.

Hang in... :)

cimmerian_maps said...

Thanks for words of wisdom. Guess we all had to go through it

Jason said...

i can feel ya.

jami said...

yes, i agree.. being a mom is definitely on the job training!