Sunday, September 14, 2008

Autumn and Thoughts

Autumn is in the air! I love how the mornings and evenings have that crisp cool feeling to them. This is my favorite season as our year starts to come to an end. I am dreading seeing Christmas decorations out at Costco before Thanksgiving though. Why do retails have to rush the year out!

Caden will be a month old on Monday. My goodness. Morgan is a big sister naturally and is enjoying Caden what he can and cannot do....already.

Knowing all of someone. It intrigued me lately how there are different sides to a person and as a friend you may not know who that person is completely. Hopefully one's spouse knows that person or is aware of different aspects of that person. I can see how one has to make a conscience effort to be known by others in some areas of their personality. It seems easier to hide those areas away.

Andy and Sweet Pea went to the Air Races this weekend- admist all the tantrums, having an older Morgan (compared to Caden) is becoming fun :)


laura said...

I actually dread the feeling of the cool crisp morning... it means winter is around the corner. Not something I am looking forward to!

Jeni said...

I have already seen Christmas decorations two places! Michael's and somewhere else... can't remember where...

Erica said...

Laura- I can tell summer is your favorite season :)

Jeni- noooo! to soon. The cake is when they start to play Christmas music on the radio months before december

noel said...

love the fall it's my all time favorite.
can hardly believe it's here though, i will miss the summer this year. i heard that this winter is supposed to be a good one.