Sunday, June 15, 2008


My day is consisting more and more of translating the words coming out of my toddler's mouth. This is taking a lot of guessing and pointing to. Funny how our speech develops. A side note, before I was absolutely sure I wanted to be a nurse, I wanted to be a linguist and I almost pursued it as a career. So I guess I sorta've am one now except it's my toddler's English language not some African tribe language I get to learn at home :)

Here are some words I have translated so far from Sweet Pea

Geico= bike (seriously, it comes out sounding just like the car insurance!, can't figure out the connection)
Bubble= the color yellow or all markers/crayons.
Caaaa= car
Dah- that
rah rah= dog
No No No= cat (she's trying to mimic a cat's meow)

and the two words she says the most and no translation needed is..mama and dada


TPluckyT said...

Nice . . .

We still refer to the "kitchen" as the "chicken" thanks to Jadon . . .

And recently Grace got a new bike with a "kicking stand" . . .

Fun stuff . . .

laura said...

she's so cute:)
My favorite here is still:
walk it; translation: quiet.

If the dogs are barking, I still sometimes yell WALK IT!!! Juliana used to yell it at the dogs when she couldn't say QUIET. Maybe thats why they give me no respect!

Erica said...

Tim- It's cute when you have to translate on behalf of your kids :)

I'm glad it continues for a few more years cause it's really cute, except when she's screaming words in frustration.

Laura- I'll have to ask you for the story behind the walk it phase :)

Jeni said...

He he he... I'm going to go to the chicken to make dinner... :)

erica-- thanks for sharing those interpretations... Maybe now I'll be able to understand some of what she says.

Erica said...

Jeni- yes and now you can say geiko and no no and she will get all excited