Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Morgan!

Tomorrow, Morgan turns 2 years old! What an amazing two years. I was inspired by Noel's blog to do a birthday blog, thanks Noel. :)

These are just a few of the things her dad and I love about her:

Her amazing smile
Her curiosity (although on some days, this causes headaches)
Her laugh and the funny faces she makes
We love how she pretends to meow like a cat which comes out as a high pitched ow ow ow ow
I love how the greeter at Wal-Mart totally freaks her out and she screams when he tries to give her stickers
We love how much she loves books and pretends to read
Love how she dances to the BeeGees and does the John Travolta (Saturday night fever dance)

We love you Morgan and how much you have changed our lives


laura said...

Happy Birthday Morgan from your auntie!!!

i love you morgan love juliana
(Juliana typed that message right above, Isabella is asleep, but she sends her wishes too:))

Jeni said...

Happy Birthday Morgan!

And Erica, I am delighted to hear that she is learning to fear Walmart at a very early age-- after all, it truly is a scary place! :)

Erica said...

Laura- tell Juliana, morgan smiled big when I told her about the girl's message.
Jeni- this particular greeter looked scary and was insistent on trying to put the smiley sticker on Morgan's shirt. Her screams and mom finally made him stop :)

scoey-d said...

I don't know which I liked better - the Morgan stories or the fact that you're bumping the BeeGees...

Erica said...

scoey- the girl has rhythm and 'staying alive' has a great beat. One of our favorites

noel said...

that pic is so great. Happy Birthday Morgan. You are such a sweetheart. Have fun, camping with your GODLY parents- hee hee I crack myself up!!

Jeni said...

Hey, are we still on for Tuesday? And is 7pm at B&N good? I invited Katy D to join us and I need to know what time/place to tell her... :)

Erica said...

7 pm at barnes and noble sounds great on tuesday