Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Random thoughts

Just some thoughts that I've had the last few days:

  • as my toddler grows older, I am convinced more then ever that people, humans, are inheritedly (if that's a word) evil. This is a strong word for such a small person as my daughter, so for Sweet Pea, she is inheritedly mischievous. Even with great examples around, there is that tendency to want and do what she feels right at that moment ex: throw toys, hit dog and parents, pretend like she doesn't hear the word no, throw fits, smirk as she drops food on the floor
  • How much more joy and peace I would have if I grasped and believed in my heart the magnitude that God has plans to give me a hope and a future and how much he loves me
  • This pregnancy seems to go by really fast in one moment and then in the next moment crawl by. I think in my 1 and 1/2 months remaining, I will go to the bathroom over 500 times easily
  • We should buy stock in toilet paper


laura said...

I totally agree that we are born inherently evil. Which is so sad when you witness our little angels being total hellions.
I remember my pregnancy with Isabella seemed to fly by compared to the first one. I was too busy chasing a 1 1/2 yr old to pay attention to anything else:)

Jeni said...

But Erica-- If you bought stock in toilet paper, which toilet paper company would you choose?

TPluckyT said...

Jeni, you're wasting all your good "poll" questions on comments . . . :-)

Erica, your post reminds me of the lyrics to Annie Lennox's song Missionary Man . . .

"Well, I was born an original sinner,
I was born from original sin.
And if I had a dollar bill
for all the things I've done,
there'd be a mountain of money
piled up to my chin, hey!"

(That would be Romans chapter 7 for all you Montana Bible thumpers)

scoey-d said...

Buying stock in toilet paper? Great idea. And possibly too much info. What is afoot with the Joneses? I don't know if I want the answer. But I do.

Hillary said...

Yep, I think 500 times is probably and understatement. Stock in toilet paper would be a great investment! I'm sure you're looking forward to not having to visit the bathroom so much. I know I was!

Erica said...

Laura- yes this pregnancy has flown by, except this last month.

Jeni- one time I went with the cheapest brand and it was a very bad idea. More $$$ really does = thicker tissue ;)

Tpluckyt- I haven't heard that song but it does say it right. Morgan is starting her own little mountain :)

Scoey-d- What is afoot. Besides toilet paper, there is alot of AC being used. I told Andy his work is very important,almost like feeding food to starving children...well not quite.

Hilary- I am looking forward to not visiting the bathroom and holding a little baby again. That stage goes by way to fast and then their mobile...as I'm sure you know ;)

Jeni said...

Erica-- thicker is not always better. Some of them have funky textures. Like Charmin. I really do not like Charmin. Hmmm... I'm going to go make a poll now...

Chemane said...

When JT was born our pediatrician whom we LOVE looked at him, looked at me and said "He has eyes of mischief". So true!

Murdoc said...

Toilet paper is on its way out. Baby wipes are in. Mark my words.

laura said...

If trends are started in nursing homes, then I definitely have to agree with Murdoc.