Monday, June 2, 2008


I have learned a hard lesson or have had my eyes open to the fact that....who and what people say they are is not always true. I would guess this is nothing new to others but having the very core of who someone says they are and then it coming out that they are not only not the person but completely the opposite is hard to sit with.

My reaction, anger and wanting to live on a mountain top and avoid people/relationships until I feel ready. I know this is not the way to live life to isolate myself but it sure is tempting. And then I think how much I would miss out of the very deep and wonderful relationships that I have and just cause one went sour not to throw the rest out....still the anger remains and I realize the importance of forgiving again and again. On-ward, and I am going to choose to still invest in people and relationships with a bit more wisdom now...and this picture made me laugh really hard


Jeni said...

Am I going to have to track you down and DRAG you out of the house for coffee next week, or will you come willingly? :)

I'm sorry that you've been hurt by someone. Just know that a lot of us love you!

TPluckyT said...

That is a great picture! (grin)

If it wasn't for the people, Christianity would be fun! (twinkle-eyed smile)

But like you implied, the wonderful relationships make it all worthwhile . . . (thoughtful look)

Destro Jones said...

I think the picture is disturbing. :-S

Erica said...

jeni- you're on for next week

Tpluckyt-those wonderful relationships are very refreshing

Destro- ;)

laura said...

erica- you have no idea how close to home this post hits for me right now:) I have had so many hurtful relationships that my wall has just been growing taller and taller... letting no one in. But, I have made a conscious effort to invest in friends again. It is REALLY difficult for me, but I'm doing it anyway. So, take warning all you "friends" don't hurt me or I'll probably go postal.

noel said...

sorry erica- really i am. the pain of that kind of betrayal is worse because you feel it not only for yourself but for others as well.
your picture is funny though, kinda feeling something like that and crying all the time these days.

digapigmy said...

are people giving you those same nasty looks as carmona is getting?

seriously though, people can be incredibly hurtful. i've been there, found out people are way different than they appeared to be or that they were just looking for a way to tear me down to feel better about themselves. it sucks when this happens in a church setting, but we are still people regardless, so we can't be too surprised.

laura said...

hey... don't drag me into this.
wait, maybe erica is getting nasty looks because she is hanging out with me. sorry erica.

Erica said...

Laura- we will still be friends even if you go postal ;)

Noel- I feel your pain. I laughed at the picture cause sometimes that's just what you want to do

Brent- I choose to be oblivious to nasty looks from others. This pain, thank goodness, didn't happen inside our church. But like you said we can't be surprised cause this happens but it still really stinks

Laura- I'll take all the nasty looks and still be your friend

laura said...

wow erica, you are one loyal friend!!!! you're a keeper:)