Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Another Day

So, I'm still a ticking time bomb but my husband has forbidden me to go into labor before Friday ( he has his last work deadline then)....hmmm I'm not making any promises

Sweet Pea is obsessed with the movie Nemo and the characters. Anything that is Nemo she has to have by her when she goes to sleep. This includes the entire package of swimmer diapers as they have nemo on them and wanting to watch the movie over and over and over and over again. Aahhh when life was that simple

I completely wasted an hour of my life and 16$ yesterday as I thought I lost my drivers license last week, I waited a few days for it to show up and in the mean time tore the house apart and my car. Go down there, watched the interesting characters you always see at the dmv and got a new one. Last night I found my old license :(. I thought about how much money I could get for my old license if I (or preferably Andy) hung out on the corner of 4th street but I'm not that desperate

I was amused when the photo-taker person at the DMV complimented my child on the good set of lungs she has. I am choosing to take this as a complement and my hormones were pretty mild that day so I just smiled and walked away.


noel said...

what a bummer, i always do that kinda stuff. lose something only to find it again after i have already replaced it.
can't wait to hear the news that the second jones child has arrived. :)

scoey-d said...

All 3 of my kids had their moments when they had to watch the same tv show/movie over. And over. And over.

Pasty - Steven Curtis Chapman: Live. And 101 Dalmations (the Cartoon version).

Joey - Star Wars - all of them. Called the Return of the Jedi "the nudie movie" because Princess Leia was in a slave-girl outfit on the cover.

Weez - Disney's "Out of the Box" with Tony & Vivian.

Ah... I remember it well. With fondness.

Erica said...

Noel- I'm getting more excited as the day comes closer. We'll let everyone know for sure :)

Scoey-d: I will savor these moments then.

Jeni said...

I think that waiting until after Friday sounds like a good idea. I know you can control it... :)

And Morgan has GREAT taste. Finding Nemo was the first movie I saw in the movie theater more than once... In fact I saw it four times... Mind you, I didn't pay for it any of those times because my brother worked at the theater at the time.

laura said...

cute pictures:) Wow, if there is going to be a place to fight someone when you are 9+ months pregnant, it is the DMV for sure! Maybe you kept your cool in the DMV because your hormones are shifting and baby is coming!!!
text me when the time comes... I am working the next 3 weekends in a row:) I can mosey on down stairs for a visit...

Erica said...

will do, Laura. The meal distributer is pretty close to the top of the call list ;)