Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Count Down

So I'm officially reached 'term' pregnancy. Meaning the baby wouldn't be considered early if he chooses to come after last week. So basically the doctor said any day it could happen and then he gave me what he probably considered great advice. By the way, our doctor is the best :)

He said don't think about it cause it just draws it out. How can I not think about it? Every weird feeling, every slight pain, every day that passes, the though passes through my mind. Can't really ignore the enlarging belly.



laura said...

Oh how I know this feeling:)
I always tried to work on a project to keep my mind busy... it never worked. Staying around people and keeping busy at least made the days seem to pass a bit quicker, but nothing can take your mind off of it:)

Jeni said...

You could watch millions of chick flicks. I have plenty for you to borrow. :)

scoey-d said...

Yeah. Don't think about it. Like that helps. Also, don't think about being veeeerrrryyy thirsty right now.

Did it work?

I didn't think so...

Hillary said...

I remember those uncomfortable long hot days. People started asking me when I was going to let that baby out; like it was up to me or something. Ice cream was a great comfort though. I'll be praying for you my friend.

Chemane said...

I remember thinking to myself that I need to enjoy the experience. I mean really, how many more times was I going to experience this? I didn't really know so thinking on that seemed to make it easier for me. Just so you don't think I'm talking out of my butt, JT was born on August 30th during the summer of record breaking temperatures (108 degrees)!

Erica said...

Laura- it has worked staying around people at least to make the days go by faster

Jeni- I will take you up on your offer!

Socey-d: not thinking about has not worked. Like I could not will this baby out

Hilary- thanks for the thoughts and prayers. My husband has started to hide the sweets in the house cause I'm going through them so fast :)

Chemane- I am grateful for what I have experience so far and it is kinda've exciting as I haven't felt much of anything with Morgan. I pray this isn't a record breaking Aguust!