Saturday, July 12, 2008

love/hate relationship

I inherited my husbands dog when we got married about 4 an half years ago and I love Brooks. She has a few annoying habits such as- being socially delinquent around other dogs by having to try to dominant them and barking incessantly at the mail man and trash man. I have lots of reasons to love her though as she is very sweet and pretty well behaved and mines me well.

BUT my number one pet peeve is the fact that if she is left outside for a long amount of time (7-8 hours) she gets destructive and chews on trim outside our sliding glass door. Andy has already replaced the trim in the last 6 months. Soo on Wednesday when we were going to be gone from later afternoon to the evening we left her outside so she wouldn't have an accident in the house. Not an unreasonable amount of time

We come home around 9:30 pm and as we pull up, we hear this howling/whining sound. Over and over again, it's Brooks, crying in the backyard. It sounded really sad and I felt bad for her. Then we come in the house and Andy looks at our outside trim. It is ruined...AGAIN!!!!

Any sympathy I had for her whining was quickly replaced with anger!!! Wretched dog! Even at 10 and 1/2 years old, dogs can be destructive. Next pet is going to be an outside cat or we'll just stick with the fish.


laura said...

I know that you know that we share each others pain over this. I am patiently waiting out the last few years of our dogs lives... no more after that.

TPluckyT said...

A cry for help if I ever heard one . . . From the dog, not you . . . :-)