Sunday, April 4, 2010

deep roots

I really enjoy gardening.. It relaxes me and is one of my favorite hobbys in life. I was weeding the other day (which is quite relaxing....funny as this sounds) and I was pulling out these weeds that were so shallow and no problem just to toss aside and remove. I then came across the roots of the very very large tree in our backyard as the roots run right alongside and now inside the flower bed.. It was like cement. No way I could pull that thing out. I was trying to cut part of it away and it didn't move an inch. It was literally like tying to remove a cement foundation

I thought to myself, I want to be like this tree root. I want what I believe not to change just because I'm around other people...but because it's something that the Holy Spirit is bringing to my attention that needs to change. I want my roots to go good things


noel said...

Really good stuff Erica. There is just so much to learn in nature and frankly nature and the Holy Spirit are my favorite teachers of all time.
Roots are so amazing to me. We once saw a tree in Mississippi that was completely blown over by a tornado but because the roots went so deep it was still fully alive. I took a picture because I had never seen anything like it. It made me think the very same thing that you wrote about here. I want to be so deeply rooted in who I am in Christ that nothing and no one could move me, not even a tornado!!

Erica said...

yes, Noel!! you said it!!