Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What a Day!

Yesterday, Monday, was an incredible day. Not so much in the incredible day like chillin with Andy but more like in the incredible whirl wind of excitement!

Caden and Morgan have both been stricken with a cold which produces sniffles plus cough plus really really whinniness! We took the weekend to rest and recharge, so we stayed home from just about everything. Sunday night, I was holding Caden in the rocking chair that is everyone's favorite chair in the family room. I hear this whistle when Caden exhales. I think that's funny, not like a whistle from his nose but deeper then that. Take out his Binkie and I still hear it. I've hear whistling and wheezing from sick patients that are getting breathing treatments at the hospital or about to be intubated but not from my 18 month old that seems pretty healthy. Well, his congestion continued to get worse and in the morning, same sound when I laid him down on his changing table.....this isn't usual even for a cold. Time for call to the MD who is quickly becoming in my mind the best doctor of all time.. Dr. Zucker

Receptionist gives us a 2:10 appt same day... YES!! don't have wait for it to get worse. Call my mom up to see if she can watch Morgan. She says yes without me even asking. Made me realize that I was soo grateful for them and their availability and proximity to us.

Go in, sit in the sick room. See a fellow Hillsider there in the waiting room. Reno really is small, or everyone knows who the best pediatrician is ;)

Get into the patient room.
Nurse asked chief complaint?
Cough and cold...
nurse: ooh just a cough
me...ahh yah..just felt I should bring him in.

Doctor comes in. Asks same thing. I tell him Caden sounded more raspy. He asks me what that means to me. I just said last night and this morning when he exhales his breathing was well.....whistling.

Caden takes one look at the doctor before he listens with his stethoscope and screams bloody murder! Little howler for sure....Doctor asks if he's running a fever. No he's not, I checked this morning. Doctor starts to examine him. Looks in his ears. "hmmmm...he has an ear infection"

I'm speechless, no fever but an infection? Felt like I was in a House episode where bizarre medical things happen that don't follow the usual progression. I ask how he can have a ear infection with a fever? Doc...good question.

Continues examine. He listens to his lungs. Says there wheezing for sure which indicates his bronchioles are narrowing. Illustration he gives, try blowing into a small straw and it whistles. same thing. Not good, and treatment is giving medication directing into the bronchial so they will open more.

Well, I'm relieved that I took the intuitive to bring him in and grateful for a same day appt and that the treatment, nebulizer will help him for sure. Got to get a at home machine to give the treatments but piece of cake. And for the ear infection without a fever? Well Dr. said we caught it really early and so he didn't have a fever yet. Thankfulness just got bigger.

So, we're on the mend. Caden's not quite 100% but, getting there :)


Hillary said...

Dr. Zucker is the best!! Turns out Leah either had a cold on top of a cold on top of a cold or she has a sinus infection. We decided to go ahead and treat as a sinus infection so she's on antibiotics too. I love how he asks for my input in his decision making!! He reassures my mommy instinct and I love his wisdom and how he illustrates everything. I'm glad Caden is getting better!

shontell said...

Poor peanut. My kids are coughers. Not like pockets or bank accounts full of money. I mean like little people full of phlem. ew.

Erica said...

Hillary- I think what I like best about Dr. Zucker is that he teaches the mom's i.e. draws illustrations, and yes asks us for our input. Hope your Leah is feeling better as well :)

Shontell- hope your coughers are feeling better and there is phlem containment

noel said...

SHOUT OUT for Dr. Zucker... I miss him. I literally just took Chloe to our new pediatrician yesterday( not quite a Zucker but she was great.. younger than me which was weird but all the same great) AND the same thing. Ear infection.. no fever and she had weezy stuff and is now using an inhaler. SO glad for the Holy Spirits prompting me to take her in.