Friday, April 9, 2010

another lesson from my garden

I like this kick I'm on about lessons from the garden. :)...So this morning, I decided it's time to prune the roses. When Andy bought this house 7 years ago (wow...been that long), there were already roses planted which was great. When we got married, roughly a year later, I decided to take on the task of learning how to prune one. Fortunately, my mother in law is an expert rose pruner. She has a whole courtyard of roses and they are always looking amazing. She gave me some tips and some basic knowledge.

Last year, I decided to take a class about rose pruning at Idle Wild park. It certainly was an eye opener for how seriously some people take pruning. My teacher was particularly animated and forbid anyone to cut any leaf or stem without his approval. I wanted to shout "they're just roses!!" but kept my mouth shut wisely and learned from the rose pruner guru. It's amazing how much longer it takes to prune my roses now. No longer do I just snip here and there and it's done but I spend looking at the rose, thinking about where I want it to grow and particularly in which direction.
I study it.....
look at it....
then cut off the dead pieces
and angle my clippers and cut exactly 1/2 inch above a new growth bud and cut with the angle pointing down and out. I know that in the late spring and late summer, because of my pruning, I'm going to see some beautiful roses and the plant is going to flower again and again, not just once, thanks again to the the pruning.

It occurred to me this morning, how much this reminds me of what Jesus does in my life. How he encourages me to grow in certain areas and encourages to take away the dead areas in my life. He examines me and is with me and shapes me into the beautiful woman he created me to be. No easy task, but I'm grateful for the pruning cause in a different out......growth!


Rosanna said...

Good stuff, big E!

Remember that Character First song we taught the kids about pruning? :)

Hey, I'm gonna be in Reno next week!! Let's get together. :)

Erica said...

sounds fun :)..

noel said...

Oh pruning, never fun but I guess it is a good sign of being in the hands of a "Good Gardner". I feel like I have been pruned (is that a word?) so much this past few years, I am wondering what could be left to cut? Still, there is always something more that I am sure could be cut from my life.