Wednesday, October 14, 2009

mid-week post

getting use to it becoming dark early. Not to bad if you have an interesting book, crackling fire, and a glass of one's choice drink!

I've been thinking of what kind of next vehicle I will get. I think in a couple of years, the rav 4 will go bye bye and I will get a car. While in LA, we rented a Nissan Altima and I was very impressed with how much space in the back seat it had plus it got great MPG.

After 6 years of having to make a wood fire, I got the art down. Although I don't think that I could start it without my little fire starter but I'm not planning on getting lost in the wilderness anytime soon.

It's a real bummer when retailers put out christmas stuff about now. I'm purposely avoiding those aisles until it turns november at least


Jeni said...

I almost screamed when I saw Christmas stuff at The Dollar Tree and Michael's in AUGUST. Makes October seem tame... :)

noel said...

I am getting good at making a fire as well. I get so bummed now when it doesn't take off right away.
Nothing like a warm fire in the winter to keep it cozy.

Yes, the holiday stuff is crazy in stores. The one that really bums me out the most is when the kids and are are leisurely enjoying our summer and then all of sudden beginning of July right after the 4th BAM!! school supplies. so lame.

Erica said...

Jeni- wow that's just a new low by those retailers!

Noel- I need my fire started and I use tons of paper but eventually I get a fire. I'd have a fire burning every night/day as I love the atmosphere.