Saturday, October 17, 2009

camping pictures

I have ment to talk about the fall camping trip we did so here it is

We went camping up on Ebbetts pass (past markleville on 88) to celebrate Andy's mom's turning 60. Andy's brother and his wife, Melissa, and their new baby Cavery was there as well.

Andy and I had my parent's trailer so we each had our 'motorhome' which was needed cause it was so cold out at night.

Night one, Andy turned on the heat as the thermometer was falling and just the fan was blowing cold air..hmmmm that's not right. Andy couldn't figure it out so we just piled on the blankets on all of us and hoped for the best. Both kids were wearing beannies and were so snug they didn't wake up once and actually slept in till 7:30! Andy and I on the other hand were a little chilly but ok. At around 3 am, Andy had an idea to turn off the refrigerator and then try the heater. Heater worked!! Who knows where he got that idea, but it was great

We went for a hike the next day it was beautiful. We all got some great pictures and Morgan almsot walked the entire hike by herself. Caden voted for riding in the packback.

I have to say, my highlight of the entire weekend was the 2nd night, Andy and I decided to have a date night. HOw does one do this in the wilderness. Well we sat in the back of our pickup truck and stared up at the stars that were just incrediblely bright and it was breathtaking. God
s natures really does put on the best shows. It was very memorable. I don't think I'll forget what the sky looked like. There were soo many stars.

Good times


shontell said...

I love your date night :) I need a date night with my husband. If we had grass, I would set up a blanket and bring snacks and make him lay out there with me.

Erica said...

thanks shontell! if you just put a couple of blankets on the ground one would never know there is no grass ;)

Plucky said...

Timmy like . . .