Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Heading into the Lion's Den

So tomorrow we go talk to the mean old bad bank about seeing how much money we can borrow or our options as far as a new construction loan to adding on.

Warning....this will be a very blunt post

I think it's humorous when you talk to bank people when you are either opening an account or wanting to borrow money...all of a sudden it's brown nosing city.

Last time we were in a bank (who shall remain nameless), the lady who was helping us was interrupted by a co-worker to ask who to send this person who was looking to open up a checking account, she quickly told the man that he would have to wait as she was taking care of important business and these fine people!! I could see the money signs in her eyes, or maybe that was just my imagination

Ask these people if you can set up a new loan and they are all "what ever we can do", tell them you would rather pick the options that don't have the loads of fees attached and it's a frown and displeased response.

Perhaps the bank people really do want to help us get the best deal, (and this is where Christians can be refreshingly different) but I think most of them are thinking about how it can best benefit themselves and pocket book.

I find it hard to believe that rules/regulations can stop that way of thinking...


Jeni said...

I was here...

shontell said...

I am so offended by your blunt post. No I am not. But I am glad you didn't take out a loan. Loans are overrated. I wish I had none of them.