Thursday, October 22, 2009

the aftermath of the Lion's Den

So made it out alive ;)... and the lady was very helpful at the bank. Although there were abbreviations and some words used that left me puzzled even after I asked her to explain what they mean. I DID however understand one of the options she presented to us so that somehow we could get the $$$ for the addition. This understanding was in part to me watching the money channel, I was very pleased with that. :)

As a result, we declined all of the options she was able to give us and I'm grateful that we know were we stand. We are NOT adding on as it would require an insane amount of work and unwise combination of some accounts. So that is a huge relief.

On a fun note, I was able to watch Andy's favorite sci-fi show with him without hiding under a blanket or covering my eyes in fear. I must be getting thicker skin in a good way!

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