Thursday, August 27, 2009

This time of year and Adding On

Something about this time of year really makes me enjoy it. I do enjoy spring but something about a definite ending with summer out and school= fall. I like the darker mornings cause their cozy which is crazy. I like the darker mornings gets really cold out and your don't want to get out of bed until the thermostat is turned way up!

We'll the verdict is in and we are not moving but are going to add/remodel our house. We have thrown ideas around and after talking to realtors and construction people it has been decided. NOt like we are going at walls with hammers but probably next spring we'll add a 2nd story. I am so grateful that my husband knows more about construction/codes/ then I do as I know nothing.... nothing....I repeat! New 2 words for me owner/builder...What exactly does that mean? The owners build or the owners hire the builders or the owners over see the builders. Well guess I have time to figure it out

Now any quick tips anyone can give me on what they would have done differently when they remodeled or hard lessons they learned I am an open book

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