Monday, August 31, 2009

Growing Pains and milk

little baby Caden is growing out of the baby stage and since he is just over a year his main source of nutrition should be more then just milk. This is for the reason that he will continue to grow and get big and strong like his daddy!!!

I'm totally on board with this plan and love the idea of him eating our food. Caden on the other hand is going through milk withdraw as he loves.... loves drinking milk all day long and could do so for every meal. So we're at the stage of him continually throwing food on the ground and screaming for you know what..his milk!!!

So I'm laying down in the afternoon and listening to how Caden is insisting for milk in place of a 'real' lunch before he takes a nap. Considering that he is in the 3rd percentage of all kids and small for his age anyways, I'm thinking he can't live on milk for the rest of his life...

Anyways my whole point is, I wonder if this is how father God feels when he trying to feed us substantial food in life and we are crying our lungs out for our yummy milk and throwing a fit cause he isn't giving it to us. It's interesting how being a parent gives us a better or more mature view on God. I can see some areas in my own life how God is encouraging me to more beyond the 'milk' stage. ...I've been crying like Caden inside.

Where's my fork and spoon??


Jeni said...

I think you may have thrown your fork and spoon on the floor-- but I'm only guessing this because of your self comparison to Caden... :)

Erica said...

lol...I guess they have been on the floor for awhile

Jeni said...

In which case I'm guessing you've been eating with your hands... Messy, but still effective... :)