Friday, August 28, 2009


We lived Indonesia for a year or so in my mid teen age years and this is where I learned the word Heckler. It was the term that was used to describe the people who would stand outside the airport or a tourist place and try to sell you they item they were selling. These people of course just did not sit on the ground and show your their goods it was following you/ shouting at you to stop/saying anything to convince you to buy what they were selling...Yes that ugly Mr. T watch would look great with a Sunday dress! and that XXL oversized coat wouldn't look at all odd on your small daughter...Get my point? One guy followed my mom for over a mile and when she still said no to his insistent demands, his behavior turned to be far from polite.

Anyways..I am thinking that some not all modern day Realtor/construction people are western hecklers. May the non-hecklers in this business beam out or make some kind of sign that they are truely do care about the customer. I can wish and pray and will be for devine appointments! ;)

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Jeni said...

I like the comparison! Quite appropriate. :)