Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday Happenings

This Sunday has been great for several reason

1. Finally new blinds up in our master bedroom as the old ones had broke. Do you think 5 + years of anxiously awaiting could be considered long suffering :)

2. Both of our kids played by themselves for a good 2 + hours this afternoon. This is a rare occurrence where no need is being expressed through crying/ tantrums/ or picking on each other

3. My husband took a much needed nap. I think for the time we have been married he has napped less then 5 times. Really tired

4. Got the info to sign up for a tap dancing class in the fall. It's one of my life long dreams to learn how to tap dance. Even better when friend Kati is going to accompany me.

5. Left-overs for dinner. Lots to choose from... Easy

6. I am closer to becoming an Aunt...but not quite yet

7. I managed to not spill one drop of spaghetti on my white pants!! This truly was a good day


miss jessica said...

Ben does not take naps, either! How strange. My parents were both nappers, so I always envisioned wonderful afternoon naps with my hubby. Nope. Doesn't happen :)

Rosanna said...

Tap dancing? How fun! That reminds me of when we signed up for ballroom dance classes together as the independant single girls that we were, then you betrayed me by bringing some GUY along! Haha, Andy was a good sport... and I still had fun.

Erica said...

Miss Jessica- I wonder if it's a guy thing...hmmm

rosanna- I DO remember that!...and then I found out we had to switch dancing partners every 10 minutes so I barely even got to dance with Andy...lame. but I had fun