Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Post vacation thoughts and pictures

So the family got back from vacation. The recovery has been good. I love how one's house and everything around you seems fresher after a get away and the monotonous daily routines have a new spark when you've been gone from them. So dishes/laundry/floors here I come!!!!

My sister is back to the Aussie land. I'm always sad to see her go and try not to keep asking her when she is coming back every day as her life is there and she is happy there. but the tentative date for our next sighting is January of 2010. :) Not to far off. I think on this last trip with her seeing the daily life of having small kids, her desire for kids has been reduced dramatically to say the least! She's quite content to be an Aunt. I think Caden waking up several times crying at night and then getting up at 5 am helped her reach that conclusion and the fits of emotion Morgan would have when she got tired. That's fine, I'm happy and content to be the sister who has the kids and helps them grow and become people and she can be the world traveling Aunt they go and visit.

As far as the family dynamics that went along with 6 adults in one house, I was really glad at how smoothly it was. There were definite different points of views on topics of conversation but still love and acceptance after the talks. Glad we can agree to disagree about things and then just continue on in relationship.

One irratating point about californians. What is it with tail gating with those drivers! It seems to be a pre-requistie to become a driver is that you will get 3 inches from the person's bumper if they are in the fast lane going 80-85 mph and it's just not fast enough for you! BACK OFF BUSTER! Maybe I'll make that into my own bumper sticker and post it on my car.


scoey-d said...

Being an uncle is pretty cool - being a parent has its ups & downs. I'll take it though.

I think that the reason Californians drive so... interesting-ly is that they are from all over the US & below, & when you're driving in such cramped conditions, you'd better be on the tail of the car in front of you so that you can make your move when they show a sign of weakness. Maybe thats it.

Hillary said...

You make me laugh. As a native CA girl myself, I find that driving in NV is somewhat boring as there are so many more freeways and lanes in CA. And you have to go fast because the pace of life in CA is much faster than here in NV. They have places to go, people to see and things to do. Not that Nevadans don't, it's just at a slower pace. But not all Californians drive like that. And I think that in some cases, the drivers here can be just as bad. But once you drive in CA for a while you get used to it. It's just part of the daily grind.

shontell said...

Hillary, I totally agree with the boring comment. My husband becomes irrate if people tail gate. I just put my mirror up so I don't have to look at them. If they hit me from behind, it's their fault. I could use a new van. Bring it!

laura said...

Erica- Californian's are nothing compared to driving in Massachusetts. Trust me.

Erica said...

scoey-d: I need to be more of an aggressive driver down there and not show my weakness! :)

Hilary- it's funny I was being tailgated the other day in Nevada and I said to myself 'must be from California' he wasn't. Maybe I just won't drive in the fast lane.

Shontell- I love the idea of turning your mirror up! I'm doing that next time.

Laura- I'll make sure I'm a passenger if I'm ever visiting there then. It seems like my kind of driving is the southern type. Slow and deliberate :)