Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Random Thoughts

Going camping really does make you appreciate the simple comforts of one's house and again things seem fresh.

Camping is also a fun way to bond with others, deepen relationships, and get away for a few days :)

I am ever in amazement of my hubby's ability to look at an area map and then drive away and get to the location. Me on the other hand have to print out step by step directions, I'm glued to the map throughout the entire tirp and still get lost in Sparks of all places! Thank God for cell phones!

At this second Morgan is throwing a huge fit cause she can't get a whistle to blow. And I'm crazy to teach her how to make it work!

Caden is for sure a bouncer. He bounces really good off the bed onto the floor and then back up again with barely a cry.

Any day now, I will be an Aunt to another baby Jones. It's comforting hearing about how someone else is not sleeping through the night ;)

At least twice this week I was grateful for my husbands completely different background that he came from

me- I tell Andy that one of his airsoft friends looks sketchy
Andy- why?
me- I don't he has earings!!!
Andy- so and so has earnings too, why does that matter?
me- oh man! will I ever learn!!!

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laura said...

my husband has earrings, my pastors have earrings... yep, looks can be deceiving:)