Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Reason's Why I Love Reno

So for the majority of my life I have wanted to live away from Reno. Having lived here most of my life, I've always wanted to move away. Well, the way life has worked out, I'm pretty sure, I will be here for the majority if not the rest of my life. I feel I have turned a corner. I have accepted this and have stopped shaking my fist at God. I'm actually finding out that I really love living in a place where I have roots and history and where I can tell my kids "yah, mom was born grew up here."

So reasons why I love Reno:

I ran into the lady who use to babysit me as a child at a nearby park. She got to meet my kids and we talked about how our lives have changed. Having roots :)

I have finally been able to master navigating Sparks, the last place I didn't know very well, so I officially should not be able to get lost in this city any more....

I enjoy running into people I know at odd hours of the night at odd places of the night and having the feeling like this really is a small town but with more then one stop light :)...good to see you Trista.

I love discovering new little shops or clubs ;) and knowing I'm going to come back

I love that our weather has some diversity but will always go back to sunny.

I love the people God has put into our family's life

I'm glad that I'm here to stay in Reno.. for the long haul


Hillary said...

I admire you for turning your corner. I have lived here for 9 years and can now tolerate the area but it's definitley not on my list of places I would like to live. I guess you could say I'm content with living here, meaning I no longer despise this place but I would jump at the chance to leave NV.

I come from a place of small town living, only one high school, agriculture, the beach, fresh produce stands, the list goes on and you get the best of everything - small town living with the benefits of big cities just a short trip away. Growing up there, I never knew how good I had it and now I would do almost anything to live there again.

When Jake and I were at Disneyland in April, California Adventure has a Napa Valley area that was so beautiful and so true to what Napa actually looks like and I jokingly asked him, "Why do we live in Nevada again?" We both chuckled because we've had that conversation so many times.

Ultimately, I have to believe that God has us here for a reason and I have to trust that while He knows my hearts desires He also knows best. Hey, did I just turn my own corner? :)

laura said...

I'm glad you're here Erica:)

Erica said...

Hilary- I think that was your corner! I'm glad that God has your family here if only for a season :). Andy is very content to stay here the rest of his life so it has been a challenge for me to not just tolerate Reno but enjoy it. Cause unless I want to work full-time (which I don't), we live off of Andy's pay and Andy's job and where God has usis here and I'm grateful for that. It has been a source of tension between us where I look at him with longing eyes when the idea of moving comes up and he says I like it here I don't want to move. So not only just being here but changing my attitude to the fact that I like being here that's my corner :).

Laura- me to :)