Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Finally Meeting the Neighbor

The people immediately around our house (on both sides and across from us) are all on the older side/ retired. The people though across the street and up 2 houses are a young couple who had twins around the same time Caden was born. They've lived there about 2-3 years and we had never met them.

You know when enough time has lapsed when you should have met a person and it seems awkward to wave or even pretend that they just moved in when it's actually been 3 years. They come and go and it's funny cause you start trying to make observations as to what type of people they are just in noticing their daily routine or when and what cars are parked outside.

Well this morning on my morning walk, I ask that God would give me an opportunity to meet the neighbors in some fashion or form. Later that afternoon, Andy was changing the oil in my car (thank you my love!) and he came in and informed me that the husband was out on the front yard with their babies. I was shocked, I have seen them in their front yard maybe 5 or 6 times in the past 3 years. I shrugged and then was reminded that this was an opportunity to meet them. So I took Caden ( I love how kids break the ice!) and Andy and Morgan followed and we have met our neighbors.

Glad I got to meet them finally:) The small gems in one's day...

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