Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Daily Occurences

Life's been good. Normal, Fun with the little babster picking up new words every day.

My husband and I went to a Martegra party that one of my co-workers throws every year. That was fun/interesting and I'm glad we did not get the baby in the cake, if we did I told my husband to spit it out!

The picture attached is us at a wolf pack basketball game. It's amazing what cute little babies can get away with. The poor man sitting in front of Morgan got his chair kicked every 5 min cause she was so busy climbing in and out of it. He didn't realize it was a cute toddler and was glaring at me and Andy and then Andy showed him it was Morgan and apologized. He remarked' Oh how cute, that's o.k.' I think the wolf pack sweater that she was wearing helped :)

My work is cracking down on how long it should take for us nurses to do each task assigned to us . Now they have come up with an equation that gives us a certain 'time allocation' that it should take us to do each task. Every time I think they can't possibly find ways to micro-manage more..... they always amaze me and find a way how to

My sister is currently a first year intern in medical school. She had her first patient die this last week :(. It's one of those people you never forget, like your first ticket or first kiss. You never forget their face or the circumstances...

My husband and I had an interesting discussion on whether the Bible should be left on the bathroom window seal :)

Cheers! the sun has been out


digapigmy said...

thanks for the update. babies get no slack for kicking chairs from me - just a warning.

and i have no idea what kind of party you were referring to.

laura said...

yes, I thought you misspelled margarita, and then I read the part about biting into the baby, and got confused:) I have a vague recollection of some sort of party with a baby stuck in the cake... but please do explain.

Destro Jones said...

It had something to do with bead necklaces and cajun food or whatever. ;)

Jeni said...

I was kind of beginning to wonder if the baby got stuck in the cake as a punishment for kicking somebody's chair... :)

But seriously, cute picture and thanks for sharing!

Erica said...

LOL, you know you guys the annual MARDIGRAS party. Of course it would have helped if I spelled it right. That party that takes place in New Orleans every year..but down there everyone takes off their shirts and wears beads. We kept our shirts on and looked at beads at this party

The baby in the cake. O.k. there is a cake served at every Mardigras party and in it is placed a tiny (really tiny, like fit in your spoon) plastic baby. The deal is if your piece of cake has the baby in it and you bite into it you have to throw the new years Mardigras party.
digapigmy- thanks for the warning
Jeni- lol, I'll have to remember to aim Morgan up to Brint's chair at church to be kicked!

laura said...

hahahaha! that is so funny, yes, now that I know what you are talking about I can see how you spelled out mar-te-gra :) thanks for answering the bead question... i was going to ask if you worked for those;)