Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Back to Normal

So our SeaWorld vacation was great! We all had a good time. Even with 2 rain days, it was memorable and I would go back in a heart beat. I'm very proud to say that I was able to face one of my worst fears on the vaca and that is loosing a credit card. Hubby's card went missing and I was perfectly calm and didn't have one moment of panic. Canceled the card which automatically canceled mine as well since they were on the same account. On-ward

A miracle actually did take place there. Andy got pink eye in both eyes and Morgan and I didn't get it. I believe now in miracles AND in the prevention of hand washing!!!!

It wasn't my highlight but definitely Andy's. We had planned to rent a mid-size car, nothing fancy and when we arrived at the rental car place all they had in the lot was a Cadillac SDS so the guy told Andy it was his lucky day and we got a free up-grade. So Andy's favorite part of the vacation was shouting "boost!
" and throwing his passengers back into their seats as he passed other cars at speeds I never believed we would ever go in a car (with the exception of the autobond in Germany)

I got to drive it, finally!!! and it was like driving a jet so easy to go 90 mph when the ride is soooo smooth. Thankfully no tickets and after some fun, the driving got back down to normal limits...although that was on the last day

pictures will follow but I'm to tired to get up to get the camera right now. Missed all of you guys on Sunday and the blogs.


laura said...

I'm so glad you guys had a good time! Sorry to hear you lost something on this trip too...I am sensing a pattern here. Cool about the car... you probably didn't get a ticket because everyone drives 90mph down there, I bet you were going with the flow of traffic.

digapigmy said...

sounds like fun. everybody goes 90 if you live in the north valleys too. yay for fast vehicles.

TPluckyT said...

I'm glad you all made it home safely. Sounds like a great time!

Erica said...

Laura- it was amazing how 70 is the new 50 down there.
Tim-thanks, it was fun :)

Jeni said...

Sorry to hear about the lost card and Andy's pinkeye, but I'm glad to hear you and Morgan didn't get the pinkeye.

70 being the new 50 is the reason why I don't particularly enjoy driving in Reno. 90 being the new 50 is the reason I ABSOLUTELY REFUSE to drive in Southern California.

scoey-d said...

Hand washing, huh? You ought to be a nurse. Or something.

What a great word to be able to teach your daughter... BOOST!

And it's versatile...