Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Oh the humanity!

Well, it's been a rather unusual fun and sometimes deep breath moments these last few days.

We went camping with Andy's parents this past weekend. They like ultra secret camp sites that are not developed (they have motor homes ;) and then tradition has it that a hike is always taken the following day. This time for camping, we went up Monitor's pass off of highway 89. It's passed Markleville. I'll give away the location but for a price...a small one anyways ;)

They were nice to let us use there quaint little trailer and they have a bigger one that they slept in with Morgan. She was excited to spend the night in their big baby house (baby houses are what she calls motor homes :). We were in the small baby house.

First night was great, camp fire, marshmellows, not to many bugs, gave the kids their tradition milk before bed time. and Caden went to sleep between Andy and I in the small baby house. At 2 am in the morning, he starts coughing, but I can't see him in the darkness and assume everything is ok. Then I hear this gagging sound, and press the nightlight above me that goes on for 3 seconds which is just long enough for me to see him making the lurking motion with his mouth open. AWAKE to say the least. Push him forward to the end of the bed where the kitchen sink is and some of last night dinner comes out. Andy and I are well awake after that and so when 3 am rolls around and he does the same thing, we both leap out of bed and head him towards the sink. No more episodes after that, although with any irregular breathing or sound from him, we're ready to leap to positions. The little monkey then wakes up at 5 am (cause that's when the sun comes up when your camping :) and we order him to go to sleep :)....and he sleeps till 7......1st night

2nd day goes great. Both kids are acting completely normal.We go for a hike and have wonderful quite time reading in the afternoon while the kids sleep and Andy and I go check out the Carson River that is very very full and rushing like people have never seen it, thanks to all the rain this year :).....Getting ready for bed, give the kids their milk and a little while later, Caden is terribly fussy, Andy, me and him are in the trailer again, although not all laying down, and he looses everything he had during the day on the bed that we are sleeping on! I scream (cause that's what girls are suppose to do during moments like these) and Andy is telling me "get him out get him out" (cause guys jump into action). I put him on the ground of the trailer just long enough for Andy to say "no,.... put him outside!!" too late, he looses another round of all that he has ingested on the floor of the trailer.

I just have to say that these moments will later be and kinda've are now, what makes life interesting and having young kids fun and there is never a dull moment.

So I put him outside in time for nothing else to come out. :)....So change over the blankets again and fitted sheets.. and my ever prepared mother in law loans us more blankets. thank goodness. Positive note, is that this all happened before we fell asleep so nothing was left in the poor little guys stomach and we all slept well and even in till 8am!!!

Overall, great camping trip...just some minor hiccups to say the least. Enjoy the pictures above :)


Jeni said...

Poor Caden... You seem to have many stories about things coming out of that boy... Hehehe...

shontell said...

ugh. Sorry friend. poor baby and baby house.

Erica said...

Jeni- this little boy is so creative on things coming out ;)

Shontell- despite the hiccup it was still a good time...poor baby house though ;)